How to Create a Startup Organizational Chart in Apple Pages

Undoubtedly, small businesses in today's set-up sprouts like it's getting out of hand. In fact, according to statistical data by the National Association of Small Business’s 2017 Economic Report, 12% of small business around the United States consists of sole proprietorships operation. This means that most of the startup companies are only liable for their debts, and this spells trouble, considering that 90% of startups fail, according to Medium.

For this very reason, we want to help you establish your desired startup company, through our helpful guide below on how to create a startup org chart.

1. Get to Know Your Business

Before you can formally craft your business org chart, fundamentally, you need to make sure that you study the nature and structure of your company's set-up. Whether your desired business is a trucking company or architectural firm, see to it that you get to know the staff hierarchy that you want to implement into your business, for this would be vital in your organizational chart layout process.

2. Pick an Org Chart Type

If you think that organizational charts are the same in terms of their structure, well, think again. Org charts also vary in terms of their look and format. There is a type of org chart that best fits if one company is divided into teams or departments, like a matrix organizational chart. However, for your case, since your business is a startup one, a perfect organizational chart type for you is the traditional functional top-down chart.

3. Sort your Chart in a Chart Maker Software

Along with your gathered chart elements, particularly on your startup business' staff hierarchy and org chart type, you can now begin the crafting stage of your startup org chart. In creating your organizational chart, make sure that you already have the visual concept of how you are going to structure your chart's aesthetic look. Although the process of designing your company chart would depend on your style, make sure that you secure its presentation and coherence.

4. Integrate your Bussiness' Branding

So that your crafted organizational chart can embody your startup company's brand, you may choose to blend your branding scheme to your org chart layout. Whether you want to use your business' color scheme and logo, doing this process allows you to boost brand awareness, that's also vital in every startup businesses.

5. Select a Template File

For you to save time and effort in creating your desired organizational chart, utilizing a ready-made template could be your choice. That is why, for your convenience, we already sorted above a selection of ready-to-use templates that you can choose to download and use for your successful startup company. Feel free to check our sample templates above and pick the best template file that would suit your business.

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