How to Make a Startup Organizational Chart in Word

A startup company is any business at its early stage of operations. Startup companies, as its definition implies, need the most preparation in terms of organizing internal and external businesses. One tool that can give you a hand with this is an organizational chart. Below are the steps to get a startup organizational chart done in Microsoft Word.

1. Name the Sections of your Organization

Any startup business should establish a business plan. It commences with discussing the name of the company, its departments, and the products or services that will be offered by your company. Naming the departments will set up the organizational structure which designs the order in your company.

2. Endorse People to their Designations

After giving identity to your organization, you have to induct enough people to make your company functional. Maybe you can start endorsing people to the human resources department first so they can help accommodate the rest of the staff you need. Make a list of these people with their designations. Arrange them by departments, from the highest rank down to the lowest function. Every role is important to be filled in, so there will be a proper division of tasks. Dividing tasks leads to more productivity as it ushers employees to focus on developing their assigned areas.

3. Prepare an Organizational Chart

Organize a company organization chart that will correlate to the information of the people making up your company. Prepare it the smart way by availing a template that matches the structure of your organization. Find it in Microsoft Word’s template library or download one from our organizational chart templates above. They are ready with suggested contents you can readily customize using the Word’s modification tools. Or construct it from square one if you have all the time. Simply add shapes, rectangles, or squares, then connect them with lines. You can find them in the insert menu under the shape options. Adjust these elements to cater later to your chart details.

4. Register Information

Complete your chart with the information from the endorsements you and the recruitment did earlier. Place the names and designations accordingly. Type them accurately. You can add everyone’s images so you can acquaint yourselves through this guide. Register every detail that needs to be visible on the chart, and that may include your company logo. Apply your company’s color theme and set it as a background design. You can keep it as a simple organizational chart. The important thing is that you have relayed the reporting relationship in your organization.

5. Present the Company Structure

Reveal your startup company’s hierarchy flow. Call for a meeting to formally introduce the pioneers of your company to each another. Have a welcoming atmosphere every time a new hire comes in. You can also print and post it on your office’s main wall so it will be recognized by your clients as well. Make more planning and management tools with our accessible templates here on our website.

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