Saying Thank you! is more than just for formality or good manners; it is a vocal gesture that shows deep appreciation towards the person. It gives value to, not just the action, but also the person. By stating gratitude, the person feels a sense of recognition and importance. That sense is the main reason why thank you tags exist as people tend to, constantly, show their gratefulness even for the little things. offers high-quality thank you tag templates, especially for Apple Pages! These templates are beautifully designed by professionals. In addition, everything is 100% customizable, easily editable, and printable for your comfort! It undeniably saves time and effort! So, relay your appreciation through our thank-you tag templates now!

How to Make Thank You Tags in Apple Pages?

Did you know that giving thanks can make you happier? In psychology, gratitude is heavily connected with happiness. By uttering and receiving a simple Thank you, people feel the goodness in life in that brief moment. That is the reason why most people express appreciation whenever they have the chance to since they know what it feels like to receive one. One of those chances is the use of thank-you tags for doing someone a favor, big or small. People attach tags on personalized gifts or souvenirs as a small gesture of showing their appreciation. Here are some helpful steps in making a thank-you tag in Apple Pages.

1. Determine the Favor

There are many reasons to be thankful for and ways to express it. A thank you tag, in particular, is a small piece of paper or a card that shows appreciation for either attendance or personal favor; it is shorter than the more specified thank you cards and thank you letters. These can be for attending celebrations like a birthday party, wedding ceremony, baby shower, bridal shower, baptism, and many more. You can also use thank-tags for business purposes to appreciate a favor from other companies. A thank you gift commonly accompanies these tags to show further gratitude. Determine which purpose falls onto the intention of your thank you tag since it is where the design also depends.

2. Know the Appreciated People

Know the people that you want to give the thank-you tags. Thank you tags, mostly, have a From and To to write the name of the sender and receiver. If you are sending it for teacher appreciation, then write the teacher's name. You can also send one thank you tag for a pair, or a group of people, just specify it in the tag. The names are optional in thank you tags, especially when it is for a huge number of people from events; however, it is better to write names for it to be more meaningful and special. So, it is highly encouraged to write the names of the appreciated people.

3. Decide an Eye-catching Concept

The main focus of the tag is its visual illustration. The concept is the theme that you want to follow for the design of the thank you tag. For a playful concept, you can go for floral, festive, electric, and jolly concepts that splash colors. For a more modern and formal concept, you can use rustic and minimal art. The concept is not the actual design; it is an abstract idea that you want to follow upon inserting your designs.

4. Design the Thank You Tag

The design reflects and gives away the purpose of the thank you tag. To start, open Apple Pages in your Mac. Then, resize it to 1.75 x 3 inches. The design must include all the relevant patterns, vectors illustrations, and images. If the tag is for a wedding attendance, use designs that mirror wedding celebrations; you can expect flowers, doves, and rings. The same goes for the colors; the colors must be appropriate for the event. If it is for a baby shower, you can include pastel colors and rainbows to show a connection to the event. Then, insert the words. Use stylish and prominent calligraphy for Thank You to accentuate your appreciation. Then, write your name and the recipient of the tag. Finally, save and print!

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