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What Is a Thank-You Card?

A thank-you card is where a thank-you letter is written—usually given to show appreciation to a person who attended an event. Personal thank-you letter shows gratitude to the addressee who is sometimes a friend, relative, or acquaintance. Thank-you cards are commonly given after an event such as parties, weddings, or birthdays. Sometimes, after a funeral, families of the deceased send out thank-you cards to the people who sympathized with them and attended the wake.

How to Make a Thank-You Card

In making a thank-you card, you have to be more hands on to this task. Like most of the other cards, a thank-you card is a personalized card that you should pay more attention to. Here's a list of steps that will guide you in making a thank-you card. So prepare everything and let's begin a thank-you card in Apple Pages:

1. Make a Draft of Your Card; Make a Temporary Illustration

Before going straight to the actual thank-you card, make a temporary drawing or illustration of your card. Make sure that you draw as if it's how you want your card to look like. The illustration will be the example and visual representation of your card. By this time, you have to make a card concept. Start working on its layout and design.

2. Start Thinking of a Special Message; Make It Personal

After completing the illustration, your next task is to make a special message for your simple card. Take note that you must personally make the message; thus, the receiver will feel special once he/she has the card. If you know the receiver personally, then there's no need to make a generic message. Show them that you appreciate their presence.

3. Look for a Thank-You Card Template That Suits Your Event

Once completing the temporary illustration and message, look for a thank-you card template that represents your appreciation very well. The advantage of using a card template in making cards like these is that your task will be more convenient. If you are a busy person, then this is very helpful to you.

4. Start Filling In Your Template

Now that you have a template, start filling it in. Typically, a template comes with suggestive content that you can customize however you want. Make sure that you have a useful tool in editing your content. You can use Apple Pages if you are using Mac. There are other word processing applications that you can use, such as MS Word. Don't make the temporary illustration go to waste; you can refer to it as you layout the card. The brief draft is your blueprint.

5. Print and Decorate Your Thank-You Card

If you complete the card, print and decorate it. Put some personal touches as you craft a card into a perfect thank-you card.

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