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What is a Takeaway Menu?

A takeaway menu is the list of food and beverage items for takeaway and for delivery services. According to one study, one-third of consumers choose to have their ordered food taken out rather than eat it at the restaurant, and 46% of adults and 61% of millennials say that they prefer restaurants that offer takeaway and delivery services because of convenience.

How to Make a Takeaway Menu?

Takeaway orders are common among people who are always on the go, which is why you should always come prepared with a takeaway menu for your restaurant. Whether you're trying to incorporate a Chinese, Indian, barbeque, or any concept to your elegant menu design, these steps might help you make an impressive takeaway menu.

1. List Down Your Food Items

First and foremost, you need to list down all the food and beverages that you want to include in your restaurant menu. Doing this before everything else is an important part since it helps in making the job a lot easier. After coming up with a simple list, categorize them according to their order in a full course meal or according to the ingredients used. Categorizing your menu items can help customers easily find the dishes and drinks that they're looking for.

2. Decide on a Menu Type

Even though you've already decided on making a printable menu for takeaway orders, it still helps to take into consideration the different menu types. If you prefer to have customers choose menu items individually, then it's best that you take inspiration from the a la carte menu type. On the other hand, you can also go for the table d'hote or prix fixe type if you think menu options consisting of multiple courses or meals are more convenient.

3. Pricing

When deciding on how much you should charge for each menu item, make sure to compute it correctly in your budget sheet. Always pay very close attention to details when computing for the gross margins and markup percentages. Another way of coming up with the price is by determining how much your competitors are charging for their food, although this alternative is considered quite impractical.

4. Designing Your Menu

Aside from the food and price lists, the design of your creative menu matters as well. The design can be creative as long as it doesn't look overwhelming and distracting, there has to be a sense of balance between the menu's creativity and relevance. If your restaurant or fast food already has a theme, you can incorporate it to the design so people can easily associate your menu to your business. And lastly, choose whether to go for a trifold style or single-page menu layout.

5. Delivery Services

As mentioned earlier, delivery services are just as important as takeaway options since it makes enjoying your delicious meals convenient for your customers. You can do this by simply placing "Delivery Service Available" on the bottom area of your food menu along with your contact number and the delivery fee.

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