Finding a new place of work is always a challenge, even in the education system. For teachers looking to find new employment, you’ll need a resume to get started. Here we have a wide variety of Teacher Resume Templates in Pages for your needs. With their premade content, teachers won’t have to start from scratch and get to updating their CVs really quick. These templates are also very customizable allowing you to personalize resumes to your preference. Our selection of resume files is also free to download as well. With these great features, it’s a must-have for teachers who seek to work on their resume. Feel free to browse through our selection and hit the download button!

How to Craft a Teacher Resume in Apple Pages

Gaining employment in the field of Education can be a challenge, according to Fast Facts, a projected 3.6 million full-time-equivalent elementary and secondary school teachers were engaged in classroom instruction in fall 2017. It will be helpful if you make your resume informative and memorable at the same time.

Apart from looking through several teacher resume samples, here are some suggestions you can take into consideration to be hired as an educator.

1. Consider the Type of Employer

Tailor your resume according to the school you’re applying for. Some well-known institutions have a particular preference in the resues of applicants. If you know it, then go ahead and do it. This shows that you know about the school and that you’re interested in working for them. For example, a resume for a high school and an elementary school teacher are different. Customize your resume format for the teaching job, depending on what you’re going for.

2. Update Your Work Experience

It goes without saying for all resumes but updates your CV with all the latest experience you have. Whether you were an elementary teacher or were previously employed at a middle school. That includes training, seminars, and new skills you’ve acquired. Show your potential employers all of what you can offer. You’ll never know it could be the reason you get hired.

3. Add Your Skills

It’s not just your formal education and work experience you should add. Any technical and personal skills are a definite bonus to add to your resume. Take, for example, if you’re aiming to get a job as an elementary teacher, you can add in your soft skills that you’re good at interacting with children. If you know how to use specific software or computer equipment, then mention that as well! Put all your cards on the table so that your employer can have all the reasons to consider your employment.

4. Keep it Simple

It may sound like a good idea to showcase your knowledge and use vast vocabulary, but it isn’t. When it comes to making resumes, it is more helpful for you to keep your content short and concise. That way, your potential employers can read and understand it in a short amount of time. Doing this also proves that you’re capable of presenting information in an efficient manner, which is a desired trait for teachers who plan to teach youngsters.

5. Review and Print

Before you print out your resume, take the time to check what you’ve written. Be sure that the resume is absent from grammatical errors. Double-check as well if you’ve adequately added your contact information and if it is readable. Check for other teacher resume models to see if it goes well with the current style of making a resume. Reviewing this before printing can save you a lot of inconveniences at a later time.

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