How to Create a Team Meeting Minutes

Team meeting minutes, or minutes of the meeting, is documented by the team's secretary regarding the daily, weekly, or monthly meeting's starting and ending time, the attendance, as well as its agenda and the topics discussed. Meeting minutes are taken during staff meetings, management meetings, informal meetings, group meetings, and many more. Below, we will show you tips on how to write your own meeting minutes:

1. Take the Team's Attendance

It is important to take the team's attendance in the corporate meeting minutes first prior to the actual meeting. This is for the management to know who was absent and who was present during the meeting. The absentees need to be briefed about what was discussed in the meeting for them to keep up.

2. Indicate the Starting Time of the Meeting

Indicate the starting time of the meeting once it starts. Display this at the top of the document together with the date of the meeting.

3. Indicate the Meeting's Agenda

Right before the scheduled date of the meeting, the agenda should have been prepared in advance already. The important topics that need to be discussed, the measures, the resources, and the methods should be included in your sample meeting minutes. Under this section, indicate the meeting's agenda one by one.

4. Indicate What Was Discussed and Its Main Points

After the meeting, provide a summary of what was discussed, the team's decisions, and if there are necessary changes to the plan in your staff meeting minutes. The topics discussed will be used for the next meeting.

5. Indicate the Time When the Meeting Ended

After the meeting has ended, don't forget to indicate the time it ended. This is to gauge how many minutes it took to finish the said meeting. The entire duration will serve as a benchmark for the incoming meetings. Indicate this beside the starting time of the meeting.

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