In today's setup wherein we heavily rely on machines and technology, it is important that they are well maintained to ensure that they are able to do what they're supposed to. One of the best professions which ensures that they do are technicians as they have the skills and knowledge that are necessary for machine and technology-related maintenance. With the increasing demand for this profession, it's best that you make use of our Technician Resume Templates if you're planning to apply as one. Since our templates are downloadable, customizable, and printable with the Apple Pages app and other programs, there's no doubt that you'll easily be able to make a professional resume in no time! So take this opportunity and download them now!

How to Create a Technician Resume in Apple Pages

Statistical data that's gathered by the Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the job outlook for maintenance technicians is expected to zoom at a rate of 6% for 2018-2028. The stats show that the profession is in high demand. This should tell you how fortuitous it is for you to apply as a technician, regardless of the field. We'll help you get started by providing steps on how to create a technician resume.

1. Get to Know the Job

In any job application, it is a fundamental process for you to get to know your desired job. Aside from knowing the job's pay, its nature, and other defining terms, studying the job description itself will allow you to assess your qualifications. This will tell you if you have what it takes to qualify for the job, or if you should look for other opportunities.

2. Organize Your Qualifications

Regardless if you aim to become a mechanical technician, automotive technician, manufacturing technician, or process technician, sorting your qualifications is something that you should do even when making a basic resume. You may choose to make a draft to see how you should arrange your education, skills, and experiences until you find a format that you're satisfied with. Make sure that whatever you include is relevant to the technician position that you're applying for.

3. Make It Presentable

They say that the first impression lasts. And for you to achieve a good impression via a resume document, it's best that you make it as clean as possible. What this means is that you should choose a font and font size that's suitable for such a document. For font size, it's best to go with the standardized 12 points. As for the type of font, you can stick with Times New Roman, or you can choose to use other formal fonts such as Bell MT, Goudy Old Style, Garamond, etc. Also, consider including a 2 x 2 picture of yourself at the top of your resume.

5. Consider a Cover Letter

Whether you are writing your resume for an entry-level or experienced technician position, consider writing a one-page document that explains to the hiring manager why you are an ideal candidate for the job. And you can do this by creating a separate cover letter. Point out what qualities of a professional technician that you possess that make you qualified for the job. Get straight to the point and keep the tone formal at all times.

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