How to Make a Training Flyer in Adobe InDesign

The importance of training and development in the workplace allows an employer to address employee weaknesses at the same time, improve their performances. According to Statista, the global workplace training industry grew an estimate of 366.2 billion U.S. market sized in 2018. This data means that training industries that showcases employee training are developing year by year. With that, we present to you several tips in making a training flyer that will promote your training services effectively. Read below.

1. Know the Objective

Before you start making your training advertising flyer, you have to know your objective first. Are you showcasing your course training services? Or are you highlighting your customer service workshops? Whatever that is, you have to determine it so you can craft a marketing material that catches the attention of your customers. Doing this is necessary because it will help you narrow down things to prioritized and establish a concrete plan for your training flyer.

2. Prepare a Content

Once that is done, it is time for you to jot down the content to incorporate in your training flyer. You may pen down your text on a blank sheet before you encode it in your flyer template. Flyers have limited space for both the content and designs, so focus on the main point of why you are making an advertising material in the first place. Moreover, you must include in your minimal content your agency name, company logo, contact details, seminars, and training offered, and an overview of your agency.

3. Indicate Benefits

Benefits are one of the first things a client will look in every promotional flyer they get in hand. So, for your training flyer does not go to waste, you have to consider putting the benefits of your training services. Doing so will keep your clients to give an interest to your flyer, at the same time will urge them to avail of your workshops.

4. Incorporate Design and Images

Besides an impressive content, one of the essential details to be present in your training professional flyer is graphic designs and related images. For your flyer, you can make use of Adobe InDesign—a desktop publishing software that helps you produce enticing advertising materials like flyers brochures, posters, and many more. InDesign has easy-to-use design feature elements as well as a user-friendly typesetting feature. With this, you can craft organized designs and readable content for your flyer.

5. Develop the Flyer

After doing all the work, it is time for you to print out copies to distribute in your target environment. You can also choose to post your training sample flyer on your website or social media accounts to reach online businesses. However, you need to proofread your flyer first before publishing it to make sure that there are no mistakes that may invalidate your training flyer. It is always better to produce an organized and informative marketing flyer rather than having an incompetent one.

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