How to Create Training Certificates in Adobe InDesign

Training Certificates are usually given when an individual has completed a job training or a leadership training intended for either work or academic institutions. It may just be a simple paper, but to some, it serves as evidence or proof of an appreciation for their achievement that cannot be bought by money. Certificates will always have sentimental value to individuals who receive them, and that makes them very important.

If you're tasked with creating a training certificate for your employees or students, then carefully follow our step-by-step guide below because this will help you unleash your creativity using one of the best editing applications, Adobe InDesign.

1. Make Use of Adobe InDesign

If you're not sure about what editing software to use, then we highly recommend Adobe InDesign. This app has a lot of features that you can use without worries. This application is used by professional graphic designers worldwide, which means this app lets you successfully create the completion certificate you have in mind. Download the app on your computer or in any of your online devices in case you haven't downloaded it yet.

2. Plan The Layout, Size, And Format

Now that you already have the app you need, it's time for you to click and open it and make use of its features that will help you achieve the layout you want to achieve for your certificate. Depending on your organization's specifications, you may design your certificate with a portrait or landscape format. Just make sure that the design and layout of the certificate aren't complicated so that it will easily be understood by the recipient.

3. Add The Necessary Text Elements

This is the most important part that must be included in your training certificate. Don't forget to state the title or the main headline, presentation line, name of the recipient, description, and the signature of the representative or the head of the organization.

4. Download A Training Certificate

Since you already have the design and the content for your training certificate, you may download a training certificate to help you save more time in designing from a blank canvas. You don't need to look far because you can download ready-made, editable, customizable, and printable sample templates right here on our site. All you need to do is to click on any of the templates you like to download and customize it according to your specifications. It's that easy!

5. Print and Distribute the Certificate

Print the training certificate that you created using Adobe InDesign in either office or commercial printing shops. When printing it yourself, make sure that you use high-quality paper or cardstock to ensure its quality. Once you are done printing, don't forget to affix the signatures of important personalities within your company or organization to make it legal and credible. Enclose it in a frame afterward for better presentation purposes.

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