Proper education is important for any person to have, especially in our modern age. Though, a formal academic school is usually not enough to prepare our minds, which is where tutoring services come in. To advertise your own supplemental learning, download one of our professional Ready-Made Tutoring Flyer Templates! You’re guaranteed to catch the attention of passersby with these printable and 100% customizable designs, which are all easily editable in Microsoft Publisher. You even have the choice between A4 and US letter sizes. So, don’t delay and download now--spread the right to learn with our creative flyer samples!

How to Make Tutoring Flyers in Microsoft Publisher

Are you a parent concerned that your kids aren’t getting the education they need? Are you a college student having trouble keeping up with the curriculum? From primary school and beyond, learning so many different things at once is a challenge that’s tough to overcome. And, because of this, we have tutoring services available to help supplement our learning experience.

As someone who works for or owns a tutoring school, you want to reach out to as wide of a demographic as possible. To achieve this, a bit of promotional material is in order; one good way of doing so is through the use of flyers. Now, you might be worried about the time and cost needed for this, but (according to flyers can take just a couple of minutes to compose and is relatively cheaper than most other forms of advertising. So, flyers are a perfect match for a tutoring establishment on a budget!

Not sure where to start? We can nudge you in the right direction and show you how to personalize our samples using Microsoft Publisher; just read through our easy-to-follow tips down below!

1. Decide on a Flyer Design to use

Have you checked out the available tutoring flyer templates we have up for offer? We have a widely diverse selection to match your school; whether you offer algebra classes for high school students or summer art courses with specialized teachers.

To help you find your downloaded template on your computer later, save the file in a folder that’s easy to remember and access.

2. Boot up Microsoft Publisher; Customize Your Template

Now that you’ve chosen and downloaded one of our flyer samples, you should open Microsoft Publisher and get to work on your design. It’s no cause for concern if you don’t have any background or training in art/design, as every one of our flyer templates is put together for the purpose of being simple to edit for even beginner levels.

After working out the visual appeal of your flyer, it’s time to draft the written content. Having your flyer look presentable is good and all, but you need to really hook in potential clients with what your advertisement has to say. And, to do this, the quality of your writing should be up to snuff. With your preferred search engine, you can easily find online tools (like a thesaurus or grammar checker) to aid you.

3. Doublecheck Your Work

When you’re done initially drafting the tutoring flyer, take a break to refresh your mind and then come back to review the quality of your edit. Make sure to apply any needed rewrites and corrections before finishing up.

4. Ready to Represent Your School

Once you’re through with the final touches, you can save your changes and get to printing. Be it math classes for an elementary level or a French course for middle school students, you can count on our many education-centric flyer templates to promote your services to the public!

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