Vacation leaves are vital not only to grant rest from an all-year-round of hectic load but also to boost your morale as an employee. A tedious eight to five routine can drain you both the energy and the motivation to keep going. A well-rested body and mind perform the best. Secure that memorable trip using our Vacation Letter Templates in Apple Pages. It comes with a full original letter content made by professional writers to aid you. All you need to do is to personalize the copy according to your needs. It is highly accessible in various devices that you can readily edit and print for immediate use. Go on a trip of the lifetime and download now!

How to Make a Vacation Letter in Apple Pages

In 2017, US Travel uncovered 705 million unused vacations by American workers, accounting for 52% of the country’s human resources. The statistic is an unfortunate truth when taking time off work could’ve provided more benefits.

A Forbes article cited three reasons why vacations should be imperative: it forges future leaders, and it lowers the risk of heart disease, minimizes depression, and it improves sleep quality. Leaders who take vacations place their trust members to take matters into their own hands are grooming them to lead. It also allows staff to rest and regenerate after long, arduous months at work, increasing their potential and productivity.

What better time is it to take a break than now? Below are the tips on how you can make a vacation letter:

1. Be Specific

Be clear about your reasons. Avoid vague explanations that do not immediately show what your leave letter will be all about. Clearly state if you’re taking a trip with your family, asking a break for medical reasons, or going on an important gathering. State the dates of your leave and mention what time you’ll be returning to the office. Place this in the first few sentences of your letter so it’ll be the first thing your manager will read.

2. Keep It Brief

Don’t construct a lengthy letter. Your boss or anyone in charge of your request letter for leave approval won’t have the time to go through the entire copy if it consists of multiple long paragraphs. Go direct to your purpose and write down only what’s necessary (leave dates and reason for going on a vacation.) Include also how do you plan to manage your responsibilities during your absence by briefly discussing the reassignment. You can also leave your email and contact details so the company can reach you when something arises.

3. Set Your Tone Professionally

Avoid dramatic statements or sentences that convey emotional narration and figurative expressions. You might think that these are compelling factors to get the management to say yes, but it could backfire on you. Write objectively and plan out your reasons in a clear and professional manner. If you’re leaving for a relative’s death, state it as it is instead of going over how devastating the incident and how it has caused you sleepless nights.

4. Follow the Right Format

A leave letter is still a business letter as it is used in the workplace. Follow the proper letter format by including the date, the header, the appropriate salutations, and the signature. This is necessary if you work in a company who are meticulous with document formats. Even if you belong in a casual workplace who could only care less about letter arrangements, your manager would appreciate your effort in presenting the right layout.

5. Select a Letter Template

If you think the steps above are a burden, treat yourself with the easy way by using a printable letter template. It already has the complete format that you need to get started. If you’re struggling to find the right words to say, it also has a complete letter content that you can readily use. All you need are a few adjustments to make it the right fit for your needs.

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