How to Make a Vacation Planner in Apple Pages

Whether you're just going on a simple road trip with friends or going to another country with the family, planning is important. Vacations are supposed to be exciting and fun, and planning them must not be stressful. You're going on a vacation because you want to take a rest and destress from the hustle and bustle in the city, not to get more stressed from vacation planning.

With so much stuff to do, from packing your things and booking a hotel, to coming up with a travel itinerary, you could end up forgetting something. Being organized is essential for travelers. And you can achieve that with a planner. If you're using Mac and other Apple devices, here is a guide on how you can create a stunning vacation planner in Apple Pages.

1. Start with your Cover Page

Open Apple Pages and create a new document. The first page of your document is your cover page. Just like how company's put logos on their documents, you too should add your name on your planner's cover page. By doing this, your planner would look more personalized, which is cute. Putting your name on your cover page has a dual purpose, it's aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and will serve as a piece of information of who the owner is in case you will lose it.

2. Create a Calendar

The second page of your planner should be your calendar. Use the tables in Pages to create your calendar. One page equals one month. Meaning, you should have 12 pages alone for your calendar. This way, it's easy for you to remember if you need to attend or do important stuff for a certain date. By marking the date of your travel, you'll know how much time you have left to prepare just by looking at the calendar.

3. Make a Checklist

Create a blank checklist where you can list all the things that you need to do so you won't forget them. The things you can write on your list are buying tickets, booking hotels, and packing your clothes. You can do a separate checklist for the stuff you need to bring like clothes, shoes, socks, toiletries, and food. Create enough pages for your checklist alone. Remember, you can still use this planner for other future travels.

4. Leave a few pages

Next to your checklist should be blank pages. These pages are designated for your notes. You can also use this section to compute how much your travel budget should be. Just like the other sections, leave enough blank pages. You'll never know how much information do you need to jot down on your planner.

5. Get creative

Lastly, design your planner. You want to get excited every time you open and use your planner, so make it look fun and exciting. Add photos of different travel destinations so you'll be inspired to save money to travel more. Be creative with your designs. You can get inspiration from the internet on how to design planners. To save time, choose from our well-designed planner templates instead.

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