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How To Make A Vintage Flyer In Word?

Making a vintage flyer creates a nostalgic feeling. It makes you recall your childhood experiences and the precious moments you had before. With that said, most of your readers would instead take a second look because retro designs are not conventional nowadays. Well, here are a few tips to teach you how to make a vintage flyer in MS Word.

1. Do Some Research

For you to make a vintage flyer, research some retro designs, and be inspired. Inspiration is vital in creating a vintage design for your flyer. You may use old books, magazines, or you may look it up in Google images. When using Google images, you may type 'vintage ads,' 'retro poster design,' or 'vintage handbills.' Then sketch it up. If a sample design grabs your attention from your research process, sketch your ideas down using your pen and paper handy.

2. Use Appropriate Vectors Or Photos

If your vintage flyer aims to market a music festival or a concert, then you may use a vector of an old DVD set. Then, incorporate graphic design elements that represent the genre of the music to be played in the music festival. Such music genre could be jazz, rock, punk, or reggae. As you use your retro vectors, make sure they're also well-incorporated to the details in your vintage flyer. If you wish to market a summer party, use vectors such as a bbq stall, finger food, or party designs. If you want to invite your readers for a talent show, use circus vectors or perhaps a vector elephant and a circus tent.

3. Use Retro-Themed Colors

To make a retro-inspired flyer, make sure you use blacks, whites, or grays as the background color of your vintage flyer. Using beige work as well. Especially the color beige. Beige was a color used commonly on prints. The color beige also represents old papers. A plain black or white works too. Back then, art materials, whether digital or print, black and white, are usually the primary colors used. So we recommend you to use gray or beige colors. Also, vintage is commonly referred to as classic. To make a classic design, choose plain black and white.

4. Save Photos Or Vectors In MS Word

If you prefer to create a vintage flyer from scratch, you may use your downloaded photos. Create a new document in MS Word and choose a photo or vector you want to insert in your file. Click the place where you want to add the picture to appear. Then, access the "Insert Picture" dialog box. Select the photo you wish to insert and make any necessary modifications in the image.

5. Use Our Ready-Made Templates In MS Word

Our beautifully designed vintage flyer templates are easily accessible and downloadable in MS Word. Go to the templates section of this software and modify it according to your liking. Afterward, you may save and print your file. As soon as you print your file, use quality paper stock.

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