Vintage Menu Word Templates

Operating a Retro Diner and Need to Reflect the Theme on Your Menu? Then Has the Answer! Choose from Hundreds of Styles Such as Vintage Burger Menus, Vintage Breakfast Menus, Vintage Banquet Menus, and More! We Even Have Vintage Wedding Menus for Your Retro-Style Wedding Receptions! Download for Free Now in MS Word File!See more

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  • If you’re in the business of serving food, it’s a good idea to stand out from other restaurants and cafes around you. And, although it might not be easy, you can pull this off by giving your brand some unique twist in theme or presentation. If you wanna go for something retro or classic, then have a look at our Ready-Made Vintage Menu Templates for Microsoft Word! Get your desserts, fast food, or cocktails noticed by using our printable and easily editable menu in word designs; these are 100% customizable in sizes of 8.5x11, 5x7, and 4.25x11 inches. So, don’t delay any longer and download now to spruce up your bistro, diner, or cafe!

    How to Make Vintage Menus in Microsoft Word

    When it comes to running a coffee shop, burger joint, Chinese restaurant, or other similar places, there’s a sense of artistry that comes with the business and technical aspects. This more abstract side of the field is what helps make each different brand stand out from each other. Of course, it goes without saying that thinking up a unique idea for your own establishment is easier said than done.

    As mentioned on a page from, about 1 million restaurants are spread across the US. With that much competition to keep up with, it’s no wonder maintaining your own flavor of service is so challenging.

    Still, there’s plenty of diverse themes to see around in the dining and food-service industry. However, something that’s both fun and classy is the vintage variety, paying homage to the styles of times long since passed. Need some help coming up with a menu design to complement your presentation? Well then, you’re sure to find something useful from our Ready-Made Vintage Menu Templates! What’s more, we’ve put together a few handy tips (found below) that explain how to easily compose a vintage menu using Microsoft Word.

    1. Templates to Match Any Throwback

    It’s tough to come up with a pleasing visual design all on your own, especially for those lacking the creative and technical expertise to back it up. But, that’s why we’ve created and compiled a large selection of Ready-Made Vintage Menu Templates to help out! Be it running a fancy bar or a mom-and-pop eatery, you’re bound to find a design from us that you can use.

    2. Spruce up Your Vintage Look in Microsoft Word

    Microsoft Word is a widespread and well-known program, having evolved over time to suit a variety of tasks. With this versatile tool, you can customize our samples quickly and efficiently!

    So, were you able to decide on a menu template? Next, boot up MS Word and personalize your menu design. Our designs are crafted for simple editing by anyone, but you can choose to leave the visual aesthetic as-is if preferred.

    For drafting the written content of your menu, don’t just settle on bland descriptions/information about your servings. With a search engine, find some online writing tools (such as a thesaurus) and think of some creative lines to spice up the display!

    3. Complement Your Marketing and Management

    After sorting out your menu design, it’s a good idea to try other types of material to help run your brand.

    Looking to attract more diners? Design some flyers; hand them out to onlookers and entice them to visit your establishment.

    Can’t keep track of the goings-on around your business? Consider utilizing a planner.

    Wanna show appreciation for your hardworking staff? Put together an award for Employee of the Month!

    4. Display Your Offerings With Class and Style

    Once you’re done preparing your vintage menu design (and other material), it’s time to print out those copies and put them to use. Whether you serve cuisine that’s Japanese, Italian, or Mexican in origin, our plethora of food templates has you covered!