Everybody loves the season of giving. Christmas is the time when everyone feels generous and kind. One of the gifts that a company can give during the holiday is the good old Christmas vouchers. Companies disseminate coupons or vouchers to give a percentage off of the consumer's expenses. This action values the season of kindness and promotes the products of the company. If you need one for your business, Template.net offers ready-made and high-quality Christmas voucher templates! Each template that we have is 100% customizable, easily editable, and, of course, printable for the convenience of our lovely customers. So, what are you waiting for? Download our Christmas voucher templates now!

How to Make a Christmas Voucher in MS Publisher?

Vouchers may only seem like a simple piece of paper that only provides discounts; however, it is also a form of an effective marketing strategy for the company. In the history of coupons, the first production of vouchers was initially for promoting the, now prominent, brand Coca-cola. That strategy move results in the growth of the business. Vouchers became more popular, especially on holidays; Christmas is a celebration in which companies commonly produce coupons to celebrate the spirit of giving. It is also a technique that businesses learned to boost their sales further. To help you, here are some steps in making a Christmas voucher in MS Publisher.

1. Determine the Purpose of the Voucher

You are, clearly, making a Christmas voucher, but you need to determine where to use that. You can use special offers in a variety of goods and services; you can use it for food, hotel, restaurant, shopping, beauty, massage, fitness, spa, and many more. Pick which category fits your purpose. Then, you need to specify even further. Many products are under those categories, and you might have particular ones that you want to offer discounts. For example, you might only offer a few percentages off for dinner, not for the whole three meals. You might want to discount hair rebonds only, not the entire hair treatment. There are many specifications that you need to consider in making a voucher. So, make sure to be as particular as possible for the convenience of the consumers.

2. Know Your Limitations

Since you are making coupons, you need to know when to stop in production. Analyze your business and see how the utilization of discounts fluctuate your sales. Consider the state of the company and think thoroughly about the number of vouchers that you need to produce on this year's Christmas. You have to set a particular number for the production to control the affected sales. Then, set the specific amount of percentage less. Decide how much dollars off you want your customers to save. You can offer 20%, 50%, 75%, or any number that your sales allow you. To decide this information, you still need to look at the big picture and see how a definite number can affect your money. So, choose thoroughly. Lastly, decide the expiry. Christmas season does not last forever; it happens once every year. So, determine the expiration date of your vouchers, so that they can no longer use it again next year.

3. Visualize a Christmas Design

To feel the essence of Christmas, you need to incorporate it into the design. One can expect a red background, a Santa Claus, a lit-up Christmas tree, a ribbon, and a huge Merry Christmas text for the design. The design enables the customers to know the purpose of the voucher and how it is, indeed, Christmas already. You can also refer to some samples and templates online to grasp an idea of what Christmas vouchers commonly appear.

4. Actualize Your Designs

Using your ever-convenient MS Publisher, open a blank page, and start resizing. The standard size for a voucher is 8.5 inches x 4 inches. Afterward, insert the well-thought-out Christmas designs. You need to arrange these illustrations and patterns accordingly and appropriately. Moreover, you must also consider the format of the coupon; it has to be eye-pleasing.

5. Place the Apt Information

After the designs, place the needed information. Insert the company logo, the company name, the products offered, and the percentage off. You also need to write the terms and conditions regarding the voucher to validate it. Then, you can save the work. After finalizing everything, save and print the Christmas voucher. You can, finally, distribute it to the public.

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