Nothing beats a company or an organization that provides comfort to its customers every purchase transaction. An excellent way to give convenience to your customers is through gift vouchers. Here in, we have a vast of beautifully designed Gift Voucher Templates available in all versions of Microsoft Publisher. Expert graphic designers craft these templates, so we guarantee that these templates have captivating layouts and designs. All our templates are available in 8.5x4 inches print size. Make gift vouchers in a fast and easy way through our print-ready Gift Voucher Templates in Microsoft Publisher. Download any of our 100% customizable templates now, for free!

How to Make a Gift Voucher in Microsoft Publisher

A gift voucher, also known as a gift card, is a type of card with value money issued by a company or organization to its customers. Gift vouchers or gift cards are also are great for effective marketing strategies. For instance, your gift voucher, you offer a 30% discount salon treatment. You customer will be likely to avail other services to complete their treatment using their own money. And, if your customer will share your company's gift voucher to his/her friend, that means another customer for you.

Making a gift voucher is easy. But if you want to have reliable information that you can use as a reference, we also have that here. Below are some guides that will help you craft an impressive gift voucher. Check them out now.

1. Pick an Orientation

Just like any promotion vouchers, a gift voucher has two formats depends on how you want it to look. You may choose portrait or landscape orientation. Whatever you choose, make sure that all the necessary information will fit in your gift voucher.

2. Choose a Gift Voucher Template

If you think you will not be able to create an attractive gift voucher, you can use a ready-to-use gift voucher template as an alternative way. The advantage of utilizing a printable voucher template is that it already has all the designs, layouts, and artworks. So it is a convenience for you since you don't have to make a design of your own. Luckily, here in, we have a collection of downloadable and editable gift vouchers you can use for various purposes. We have holiday gift vouchers, spa beauty vouchers, restaurant gift vouchers, hair and spa treatment gift vouchers, and many more. Choose the template that relates to your needs.

3. Customize in Microsoft Publisher

Once you have your chosen gift voucher template, you may customize and add your personal touch using Microsoft Publisher. This desktop publishing application offers you a wide selection of unique feature elements that you can easily use in adding more designs into your template. This software is also accessible in different devices so that modifying your gift voucher template will come in handy.

4. Place your Details

Almost every sample voucher has the same content, but for your gift voucher, make it different yet outstanding. Of course, the name of the recipient, the value of the voucher, voucher number, name of the company, and signature should be on it. But to give more life into your gift voucher, you may attach high-resolution images. Customers are most likely to avail if they see sample images of the service or the product.

5. Print and Distribute

When everything is ready, you can proceed to the printing process. Gift vouchers are usually printed using thick card stock to make sure that it will not easily ruin. So as you print your voucher, make sure to use the perfect card stock for better results. After that, you can already distribute your gift voucher to your customers.

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