How To Make a Promotions Voucher in Word?

A voucher is used to exchange or products or services through discounts. It can also be a cashless form of payment. To make a very appealing promotions voucher, you need your MS Word, your ideas, and these guidelines below:

1. Purpose

Before anything else, you have to get the basics down first. Your voucher won't materialize unless you know what purpose it would serve and where you would use it. The first step is crucial, so you have to think and plan carefully. Promotion events come in different settings: grand openings, anniversary, year-end sales, product sampling, holiday deals, and so on. Meet up with your marketing team and discuss details in making a successful promotional event.

2. Planning Designs

If you have the general idea of how your promo vouchers should work, you can now find a suitable design that can attract your customers. If you want to personalize your discount voucher, you can find an example to follow. You can include your company logo or photos of your products as a marketing strategy. A right subject for your viewfinder would be your company, firm or store's structure, your teammates, your bestselling goods, or anything related to your business. But worry not if you cannot find a fitting picture from your portfolio, you can hire a photographer to take the shots for you and have it sent to your mail so you can attach it to your design.

3. Discounts and Freebies

Now you have your layout and your photos. Your next step would be deciding on the cut and freebies. Determine how much you're giving away as a discount coupon; you need to get some profit back. The discount may apply when purchasing selected items like clothing and food. If you want to generate hype for your promotional vouchers in a positive way, you can include giveaways for every participating customer. How about offering a free box of pizza for every 10th purchase from your store? Or a premium drink from your cafe for availing a bundle of finger foods? You can be creative when giving prizes.

4. Terms and Conditions

Promotion events have resting periods, so allow your customers to use or redeem their discounts by stating a time range of deactivation. You may give them a day or a week, which may depend on your event. Your promo vouchers should have their codes, so the moment the customer uses the simple vouchers, it will automatically register in your system.

5. Printing and Distribution

If you have everything you need and you feel ready to design your promotional vouchers, then you can begin making one. You can start by opening MS Word and start creating your first sample there. MS Word is an excellent choice for starters because it is user-friendly and easy to use! When you've finished the task, you can now print it. Get a paper that is suitable for a voucher and a printer that produces a clean result; meaning, no blurred lines and no smudging colors. Give it a beautiful finish for what it's worth. If they are all done, you can distribute them to your customers to start a wonderful promotional week!

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