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How to Make a Romantic Love Voucher in Apple Pages?

Romantic love voucher is a small piece of paper that has the power to offer a percentage off of any particular services with your loved ones. These may include restaurants, travel vacations, massage therapies, pampering services, and many more. The relationship does not only limit to married couples or lovers but also friendship and family. Here are some helpful steps in making a romantic voucher.

1. Study about Vouchers

You have to know how transactions work in dealing with vouchers. So do thorough research to understand the whereabouts entirely to avoid mistakes. Romantic love vouchers vary in types; that is why you need to research how it all works depending on the kind of service that you want to offer.

2. Decide the Discounted Services

There are many types of services that a romantic love voucher could offer. So decide which one suits the company better. If it's for a meal, you can provide romantic dinner vouchers. If it's a salon, you can give pampering vouchers. Just make sure that the vouchers are only applicable if you're with the loved ones.

3. Interior Planning

The next thing to do is to plan the insides of dealing with vouchers. Plan the production limitation. You can not just continuously produce unlimited vouchers. You have to make a limit. Next, decide on the discount. You have to specify the number of percentage off that weights in the romantic love voucher. You need to take into consideration the state of the company. Analyze what the company can offer without risking its financial stability. Then, the expiry date. Just like the amount of production, there should also be a set date to limit the availability and validity of the voucher.

4. Exterior Planning

Plan the design and colors that you want to incorporate in your romantic love voucher. Visualize the final look of the voucher. Make sure every feature holds relevance to the service and the purpose. If it's for a hotel, you can incorporate bedrooms but with a spice of romance in it. You have to keep it appropriate. You can be creative but also informative.

5. Start Layouting the Vouchers

Open the Apple Pages and start lay-outing the voucher. The standard size of a voucher is 3 in x 11 in. Use that size and decide the format orientation of the voucher, whether portrait or landscape.

6. Design the Voucher

It's time to insert your planned designs. Insert the colors, patterns, pictures, and decorations in the voucher. Don't forget to include the company logo with its name since vouchers are also a marketing strategy. The other purpose of the voucher is to let the consumers know about your company. Next, put the discount. Insert how much percentage off that the voucher offers. It is an essential part of the voucher. Then, put the specific conditions that you want to include. Lastly, put the expiry date and the terms and conditions of the company. The terms and condition serve as the qualification of the validity of the voucher. The terms and conditions have to be followed in order to avail the voucher.

7. Finalize and Save!

Finalize everything and make sure that there are no errors in the production of the romantic love vouchers. Afterward, save and print it.

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