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How to Create a Spa Voucher in Adobe Illustrator?

Research has proven that a person relies on vouchers and this drive the business owners to provide more vouchers for their customers. Without being said, it is understandable that voucher as a marketing strategy is high end and competition is tight. For your spa voucher to be chosen, it must be eye-catching and would stand out and Adobe Illustrator would be the perfect application in achieving it. So in order for you to make one, here are tips that you can use to set your voucher apart from your competitors.

1. Highlight the Time Duration

Who would not want a voucher for a spa day? Even so, make it easier for your customers by providing a clear call-to-action. Every sample voucher has its expiration date and most customers would still use them as they tend to overlook it so they are clueless that it has been expired. So to provide better service for your spa voucher, input the date wherein it would be noticeable and make it in bold form.

2. Estimate the Cost

Offering your spa services at a discounted price could mean lesser profit but with the right marketing strategy, you can reverse it instead. Estimate the overall budget of your spa voucher to pull this off. With this means, you are investing in good marketing that would make your profit exceed your expenses. For instance, instead of giving them a birthday present, give them your spa vouchers and provide them free service and it would serve as a gift card but make sure that the service you provide would not be a big loss.

3. Include Images

Providing high-quality and appealing photos would highly catch the attention of your customers. You can display the faces of your satisfied customers, your facilities and services in your spa. In that way, it would leave a remarkable impression into your customers.

4. Add the Content

Your content must be complete with your spa business logo, name, location, contact number, e-mail address or website, service hours, discount details, and such. But remember that blocks of text would possibly discourage your customers. Make way for white spaces in each chunk of content.

5. Research and Navigate

If you are not fully aware of the competition of spa vouchers, you can research and navigate about the vouchers of your competitors. It would not hurt if you examine your competitor's and this does not mean that you would copy them but rather you want to pinpoint ideas and improvise as to what would be a great addition in your spa brochure.

6. Distribute your Vouchers

All of the time and efforts that you exerted into this spa brochure would be paid off through this step. You can innovate ways on how you would distribute them. You can distribute them through public places, rack cards, mailboxes, etc. You can also target the online market because it is also an effective way of marketing. You can send e-mails to your potential customers or even your regular ones.

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