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How to Create a Travel Voucher in Microsoft Publisher

Travel vouchers are one of the best ways to promote your brand. It is also considered as one of the best ways to handle inbound sales and to acquire a steady flow of customers. If you want to create a travel voucher that is indeed effective, you must ensure that your design process consists of steps that will bring you closer to a highly functional travel voucher template as the end result. Microsoft Publisher is a good editing program that enables you to DIY your own travel voucher design. Check out the following steps below to keep you guided all throughout.

1. Figure Out the Details You Want to Incorporate

Before you open Microsoft Publisher, make sure you have already figured out the details you want to incorporate in your travel voucher design. If you haven't already, then ensure that figuring it out will be your first step.

Among the things you should plan to include are details of the voucher, the discount or a freebie its holder can get and claim, the duration of its validity, and more.

Whether your customers can get a discount off from his or her vacation trip's flight, make sure you have already figured it out beforehand.

2. Launch Microsoft Publisher and Open a Template

Microsoft Publisher already has a myriad of voucher templates; you can either use that or download a high-quality travel voucher templates from our selection. As soon as you launch Microsoft Publisher, immediately load the voucher template of your choice to immediately get you started.

The use of a ready-made template will make your design process easier and faster since it already contains a preformatted layout that is 100% customizable.

3. Input Your Details

Using templates enable you to input your preferred details without having to start from scratch. Right after loading the template, incorporate all of the details you want to incorporate on your travel voucher design. Apart from the details you have figured out in the first step, the details may include the ones that can reinforce your brand identity, such as your company logo, company colors, company name, and company tagline.

To cater to the inquiries of your customers, do not forget including the promo mechanics and your contact information such as your landline and cellphone numbers, email address, website, and social media handles.

4. Incorporate High-Quality Visuals

Do not underestimate the power of high-quality visuals for these can make or break the impact of your travel voucher design. Through relevant images and creative graphics, you make your voucher design more compelling enough that anyone who has it will find it impossible to resist.

You can use stock photos if you haven't done a photoshoot yet but if you already did, do include photos of your services to make your voucher design look legitimate and credible.

5. Proofread Your Work Before Saving and Printing

Before you save your work or have it ready for printing, ensure that you have already checked it thoroughly to see if there are mistakes that need corrections. It is also best if you ask someone to check it for you in case there are still some things you missed.

When you are sure that your final draft is void of any errors, save it in .pub file format to keep all the changes you have made in the template. Your final draft is also ready for printing!

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