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How to Make A Wedding Magazine Ad in Adobe Indesign

Based on the statistical report by Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN) Media Group, there are the utmost 90% of American adults who have read magazine texts, both in physical and digital format, for the past six months. If you take into consideration this amazing advent, it will be beneficial for your wedding business to be advertised in a magazine! Despite being print, as a traditional form of entertainment media, their functions and readerships never get out of style. Promote your wedding business now through this medium. To help you more in creating an effective wedding magazine ad, we present to you our comprehensive and vital key points in making a wedding magazine ad in InDesign.

1. Hook With The Headline

Your headline might not comprise your wedding business services as a whole, but it’s a dominant factor in how you will be getting your readers’ attention and make them stop for a while on your wedding magazine ad page. With that, take serious time in composing your ad headline. It should sound loud and tuneful enough to raise the interest of your target audience. Keep in mind that these readers have already stumbled upon various reading issues and materials before your wedding magazine ad page.

2. Highlight The Deals

What makes your wedding business unique from the others? A top-notch wedding planner? What are your exclusive deals on your wedding event planning or wedding photography? Got any special promos or discounts? These relevant, unique selling points are what make your wedding business distinct from the others. Hence, make sure that you can pitch these details clearly in your wedding magazine ad. Considering the limited word count requirement on your wedding magazine ad page, take careful time in drafting your marketing copy. One right way to accomplish an effective magazine ad wording, particularly for your wedding business, is by including emotional sentiments. Let your readers feel they’re being empathized. Let them sense how you are connected and relatable to their situation.

3. Visualize Sleekly

Fundamentally, you have to layout your magazine ad page depending on your particular business branding. In that sense, a wedding business that is best to be represented visually with a subtle, caressing, and light visual design. Make use of the proper colors and graphical elements that can help you establish that kind of appeal. More so, apart from computer-generated graphics, you should as well include professionally-taken photography. Also, it’s important to note that adding human elements into the layout can help you boost your client-friendly and recommendation business.

4. Entail Your CTA

The CTA or Call to Action will finish your wedding magazine ad page. Never miss to include your CTA statements in your magazine ad, as this will help your target audience link to your business. The CTA should encourage your readers to their part as your potential clients. Concurrent to your CTA, you should also place your contact details such as numbers, social media pages, websites, and others. Be sure to spell these details correctly if you do not want to lose any potential business transaction. Commonly, this will be featured after the presentation of your advertising copy.

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