How to Make a Weekly Meeting Templates in Apple Pages

Meeting minutes serve as written or recorded documentation regarding what transpired during a meeting. According to PTO Today, meeting minutes serve as legal documents that the court can examine during a trial against an organization. It is a vital document that presents details about agreements, decisions, and actions.

If you're new to taking minutes, we have practical tips on how to make weekly meeting minutes in Apple Pages below.

1. Study the Agenda

Before the start of the meeting, you should study the topics of the meeting. Doing this will give you an advantage with what possible discussion will be along the way. You can also research to ensure you understand the topics to avoid misinterpretation and miscommunication.

2. Have an Outline

Having an outline or template specifically tailored to the agenda will help make note-taking more efficient and convenient. If you're handwriting your minutes, you can easily list all the decisions, topics, and other vital discussions with ease if you have a comprehensive outline.

3. Familiarize the Participants

Meetings, where participants make major decisions, need the complete proper names. You must know the name of the participants and their roles or positions so that you can include them in your minutes. Doing so helps in establishing accountability for decisions and actions of each stakeholder.

4. Note the Decisions

As mentioned, you should highlight the decisions and actions made during the meeting. You should list what was agreed, who suggested the option, the number of votes, and other relevant details. A good trick is to record the whole session to review your notes afterward.

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