According to Corner Stone University, using calendars can ease anxiety since it allows you to declutter the worries inside your mind. And if you want to organize or track your weekly activities, you need a weekly calendar. A weekly calendar is perfect for anyone who wants to prepare for weekly. It lessens your stress and teaches you to focus on your schedule. And to help you become more engaged in using a calendar, check out our stack of ready-made Weekly Calendar Templates in Apple (MAC) Pages. These templates are 100% customizable and professionally made. Download a calendar template now!

How to Make an Effective Weekly Calendar in Apple (MAC) Pages

Create a weekly calendar that works for you without hassle with the useful tips below.

1. Plan Your Week

Before starting your calendar, you have to make a list of all the tasks and activities you have for the week. Planning for your week is vital since it helps you organize your schedule. Another benefit of having a weekly calendar is that you can also use it as your daily planner and be ready for your everyday activities.

2. Decide for a Calendar Format

The format of your calendar depends on what works best for you. You can make it horizontal or vertical. Aside from only putting dates on your schedule, you can also add time to it. If you have time on your calendar, all you need to do is to plot the activity or task on its specific time.

3. Design Your Calendar

It's best to give your calendar life by making it more engaging. Like a monthly or a yearly calendar, you can always incorporate themes, typography, and colors to your weekly calendar like the latter. Adding designs will make your calendar more vibrant and beautiful. This makes you drawn to use it more often.

4. Color-Code Your Activities

To quickly distinguish your tasks and activities from each other, you can color-code them. You can highlight your work tasks in blue, use green for your leisure time, etc. Doing this will help you quickly glance at the kind of tasks you have for the day or week on your planning calendar.

5. Stick to It

Some first-timers will only use editable calendars in the first few weeks and will stop eventually. To avoid this, keep your calendar close to you at all times. You can put it on your desk, laptop, phone, or anywhere you always stay. Doing this will remind you to use it weekly.

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