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A weekly meeting minutes or meeting of minutes (MOM) is a document that contains the record of everything that transpired during a meeting (meeting summary). The purpose of this record is to let the people absent during the weekly meeting to be aware of what happened during the meeting. This can also be stored for future references and updates. A weekly meeting minutes is best made with a template.

A weekly meeting minutes contains the meeting details, agenda details (progress of a construction project, changes in the office, etc.), meeting minutes, and action plan. A person is appointed to take the weekly meeting minutes. Furthermore, before the weekly meeting minutes are shared, this has to be reviewed by the Chair (Personify Wild Apricot, 2020). Take a look at’s printable weekly meeting minutes templates. These sample templates are editable through the website’s editor tool. Just click your chosen template and you will be directed to the editor tool. However, you can also edit or design these templates through various file formats such as Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, Google Docs, and many more. You will be required to sign up for a membership before you can download the simple meeting minutes template.

According to Better Meetings, 72% of professionals cite setting clear objectives as what makes a good meeting, 67% of them answered setting a clear agenda, and 35% answered less people in the meeting room. Moreover, two thirds of professionals from the USA, UK, and Germany say that face-to-face meetings are important for making decisions. It also helps them understand other peoples’ arguments and opinions better.