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How to Make Work From Home Content in Numbers

As explained in a page from Investopedia, working remotely from home or elsewhere requires self-motivation and independent preparedness. For fields like financing and business management, part of this involves working efficiently in a spreadsheet program.

However, maybe you have trouble handling documents in Apple Numbers. If that’s the case, worry not--simply read our tips (below) to make your WFH job a lot easier to do!

1. Instantly Create a Numerical Sequence

When it comes to making a sheet for formulas and calculations, inputting a long series of values is often needed. This is a tedious process, but Numbers makes this much faster to do with an autofill feature.

For example, let’s say you have two vertically-aligned cells with the number 1 in the upper cell and 2 below. Select both cells and then click-drag the yellow dot underneath the lower cell, moving your cursor downwards. Doing so automatically fills the following cells with the appropriate sequence of numbers! What’s more, Numbers detects the type of numerical data you start with, so things like dates are correctly entered when you drag.

2. Isolating Header Cells

If you create a list in your sheet, you usually accompany the data with a header on top of it. However, you might need to highlight a whole column of data without having the header in the selection. Clicking the above corresponding index selects the entire column including the header. So, what do you do?

Well, instead of clicking the index once, simply click it twice! With this, you can now make changes to a column of data without affecting its header cell (and footer cell).

3. Take Advantage of Autofill Pop-Up Menus

Repetition of text and phrases is common when making a spreadsheet document. So, for expediting repetitive text entry, use Apple Numbers’ pop-up menu feature to instantly select what you need from a list.

To set up an autofill pop-up menu, select the cells with the data and then open the Cell tab (to the right). Then, choose the Pop-Up Menu option under Data Format.

4. Work on a Sheet with Coworkers

There are times when fellow employees need access to your spreadsheet. So, to quickly give them that access, head over to the window’s top-right section and click the Collaborate button. Upon doing so, a small pop-up shows up where you can select who gets access and set permissions for modifying the document.

After going through our tips, your WFH documents are now much easier to tackle in Apple Numbers. Do you need a bit more help with your telecommuting sheets? Then remember to have a look at our Work From Home Templates!


  • Can I get Apple Numbers for free on my Mac computer?

      Yes, Numbers can be downloaded and installed for free on your Apple computer, without the need for a subscription fee.

  • Is there an iOS version of Apple Numbers?

      Yes, a mobile version of Numbers is available for installation on your iPhone or iPad.

  • What are some jobs with WFH equivalents?

      1. Customer service representative
      2. Virtual assistant
      3. Graphic designer
      4. Teacher or tutor
      5. Website developer
  • What tools or equipment should a telecommuting worker have?

      1. Computer or laptop
      2. Printer and scanner
      3. Comfortable chair
      4. Business contact line
      5. Business email address
      6. Reliable internet connection
  • What are some WFH jobs that a housewife can do?

      1. Translation
      2. Email marketing
      3. Data entry
      4. Tech support
      5. Content management
      6. Internet research