How to Create Workshop Certificates in Adobe Illustrator

Even with a college degree, people still enroll in workshops to gain more knowledge and skills, and to get certified. In fact, Zach Griffin states that 33% of certificate holders have a bachelor’s or master’s degree. If you need to award people with a certificate for their participation in your workshop, we’ve laid out tips below for your reference.

1. Gather Information about the Workshop

For your certificate to be relevant, its contents should relate to what the workshop is about. Is it an acting workshop? A photography workshop? Or a dance workshop? What else do you know about it? Research and gather details about the workshop to give you an idea of what to include in the certificate.

2. Choose the Right Font Style and Size

If possible, don’t settle with using Sans-Serif fonts for your modern certificate, and don’t even think about using Comic Sans. Choose what’s best for your certificate with fonts such as Baskerville, Garamond, or even Times New Roman. Also, make sure the font size is big enough to be easily readable.

3. Use High-Quality Paper Stock

As for the stationery, always go with high-quality paper stock. Most people use parchment paper for printing their certificates. If you’re going for the same material, always choose durable and high-quality ones. The best thing about parchment paper is that it has an elegant and unique look and texture.

4. Add Borders, Watermark, and Other Enhancements

Bring elegance to your creative certificate by adding in ornate borders to the layout. If you want, you may even add a watermark for a subtle enhancement to the background. And only if needed, enhance the layout further by adding high-quality graphics or visuals. However, make sure not to clutter your certificate’s layout.

5. Sign the Certificate before Presenting It

At the bottom portion of the award certificate, write the name of the heads of the issuing organization. This is to recognize the professionals who awarded the recipient with the certificate. Aside from simply writing their names, make sure that they also affix their signatures over their names.

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