21+ Best & Latest Premium JQuery Plugins for Free Download

The popularity of JQuery is pretty evident in the fact that more and more efficient and cool plugins are being made for the JQuery platform. You will be spoilt for choice, since the number and variety of plugins will blow your mind! For example, there are certain plugins which will help you animate things faster. And these animations will be faster than even those on the CSS platform.

And you can use these plugins to animate and make your website operate faster on mobile devices. Other than this, there are nifty little plugins which let you add small, entertaining animations into your text. So be it a word, or a sentence, you can use these plugins to make small animations and liven up your website. There are also modal window plugins, which can be used for all the latest browsers that we use today.

These plugins even come with hash tracking and declarative state notation, and these plugins can be used to create great design elements as well, such as giving your creations blur effects, etc. Apart from these, there are Tip Cards plugins, which allow you to create a layout which resembles a pack of cards, and you can even personalise these plugins according to your liking, so that they look even more alluring and interesting.

Another type of plugin which you will find are the panorama plugins, which allow users to upload panorama images on to your website. Also, there are cropping plugins, which allow you to first upload images, and then crop it to match the criteria of your website.

Fun Captcha jQuery Plugin

  • fun captcha jquery plugin

jQuery Smartscroll Plugin

  • jquery smartscroll plugin1

Responsive UX Navigation Menu Bar jQuery Plugin

  • responsive ux navigation menu bar

Pinch Zoomer jQuery Plugin

  • pinch zoomer jquery plugin1

JQuery Tooltip Plugin

  • javascript jqeasytooltip jquery tooltip plugin codecanyon

Responsive jQuery Plugin

  • responsive jquery plugin

Simple 3D Coverflow

  • simple 3d coverflow

Ultimate Utube Generator

  • ultimate utube generator

equiMargin jQuery Plugin

  • equimargin jquery plugin

jQuery TablePro Plugin

  • jquery tablepro plugin

Scroll Animation WordPress Plugin

  • scroll animation wordpress plugin

Responsive jQuery Grid Plugin

  • responsive jquery grid plugin

jQuery Multiple Choice Quiz Engine

  • multiple choice quiz engine

Themeable Responsive Scrollbar jQuery Plugin

  • themeable responsive scrollbar jquery plugin

Like 2 Unlock for jQuery

  • like 2 unlock for jquery

jQuery Plugin To Generate Animated Dynamic Gauges dynameter

  • jquery plugin to generate animated dynamic gauges dynameter

Flat Weather jQuery Plugin

  • flat weather jquery plugin

Grid Scrolling

  • mknecht gridscrolling

jQuery Simple Pagination

  • simple pagination

Super Scroll Orama

  • superscrollorama

Parallax Effects on Content

  • parallax effects on content

CSS3 Loader and Preloader

  • javascript css3 loader and preloader codecanyon

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