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jQuery Templates

All developers hail the jQuery Templates for their impressive Flash-like animation effects, flexible gallery options, drop-down mega menus and changeable backgrounds by using nothing more than HTML, CSS and JavaScript by making them an amazing platform to bring your website to life. Your created websites will be compatible with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safar and Opera browsers, for starters. For any kind of website you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for at the jQuery Template repository.... Read More

jquery templates

30+ jQuery HTML5 Website Themes & Templates

These awesome jQuery based HTML5 templates can be used to create multiple websites which can easily include art, business, education, hosting, music, blog, computer, fashion, finance, food, gaming, school, medical, personal, nature, portfolio, shop, sports, real estate and travel to just name a few. The union of HTML5 with jQuery has given the developers a key to the world of possibilities. It is the advanced coding that makes these HTML5 Templates completely responsive and hence accessible from any device from any place. Most of them use jQuery sliders alongside jQuery Droptron Drop down menu plugins and working PHP contact forms to enhance the quality of performance of the website templates. They can range from a variety of colors and layouts while the more popular being minimalist, crisp, user friendly with front page sliders.Suiting the requirements of the website they may come with sortable galleries with numerous layout option and separate interchangeable themes for each page.

16+ Multi Purpose jQuery Templates & Themes

Our collection of free jQuery templates is here to redefine the nature of multipurpose templates and themes. The premium responsive themes come with the advantage of flexibility and SEO friendly codes over the paid template designs. They also house a delightfully huge pack of Syntax and help documents in ready to print format.

7+ Best jQuery Mobile Templates

Problems can crop up when viewing new websites on older devices. However, jQuery provides cross-platform JavaScript, allowing that sort of accommodation. Using jQuery Mobile Templates can help you enhance your mobile website, making it more responsive, customized and easy to use.

7+ Free jQuery Website Templates & Themes

With an array of Best Premium jQuery Portfolio templates and a variety of assorted themes available on your platter, it becomes very difficult to understand precisely which templates you need. You are extremely prone to put your clients in a dilemma when they browse through your business website. Too much information is always better to grasp when it’s organized.

10+ Best jQuery UI Templates

Building JavaScript applications with cross browser compatibility is best managed through easy to use jQuery UI components.With jQuery UI templates that boast of cross compatible tools and widgets equipping you with every capability you need to create stunning web apps, development becomes an engaging exercise rather than a time-consuming one. Building upon the established jQuery and HTML5 core, these UI templates are perfect for medium to high complexity websites and apps creation.