jQuery Templates

All developers hail the jQuery Templates for their impressive Flash-like animation effects, flexible gallery options, drop-down mega menus and changeable backgrounds by using nothing more than HTML, CSS and JavaScript by making them an amazing platform to bring your website to life. Your created websites will be compatible with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safar and Opera browsers, for starters. For any kind of website you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for at the jQuery Template repository Read More

Minimal and complete, jQuery templates are what you have been looking for-

These HTML/CSS based websites are neat and have multiple clutterless layout options. They are almost always responsive in nature giving your website an extra point among your technophile followers. The flexible coding imparts liberty to your creative instincts. They sometimes also include PHP contact forms or AJAX contact forms in user ready conformations. Variable page layouts, filtering options, live searches etc make your websites far more favored among your followers/customers. You can get the .PSD files for easy edit options on Adobe Photoshop.

Opt for what is free and the best-

The free but premium qualities are beyond comparison. You can get easy live demos for downloading and installation without any underlying clauses. The jQuery Templates are guaranteed free without any recurring costs and most of the necessary plug-ins for your website is also available in their very own repository. So you can build your own dream from a single template saving loads of time as well as money.