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6 Smart Tips for Making Your Advertising Agency Stand Out

In any industry, there’s always heavy competition. It’s the nature of the business world. Businesses that offer similar products and services are hustling to win the interest of the market they’re sharing. The advertising industry is no different from that. With that in mind, other advertising agencies can take away the spotlight from you. But don’t let that discourage you. In this blog, we’ll show you six smart tips to make your ad agency stand out against your competitors.

6 Smart Tips for Making Your Advertising Agency Stand Out

Focus on Value-Based Pricing

Through a written quotation, most service-based businesses charge their clients at an hourly rate or fixed price. Although there’s nothing wrong with such methods of pricing, they won’t help much if you want your agency to stand out. So consider adopting value-based pricing. Through value-based pricing, you’ll be charging the clients based on the weight of their advertising projects. By weight, meaning what benefits or opportunities an ad project will bring to a client’s business.

In value-based pricing, you won’t charge based on the number of working hours and operating costs. The one advantage of value-based pricing is that there’s potential for a huge revenue. For example, if a client’s ad project is for the launch of a flagship product, it has a high value, no doubt. That said, that project can bring a decent revenue to your agency.

How does value-based pricing help in standing out, you ask? You see, in value-based pricing, clients can negotiate the price. That’s because they know the value of their project. It assures them that they’ll get their money’s worth. They won’t get that kind of security paying for hourly rates or fixed prices. So, most of them will always opt for agencies that focus on value-based pricing. Hence, value-based pricing can help your agency to stand out.

Limit Your Niche

Diversifying your advertising services might seem to be the right move to stand out, but actually, it’s the opposite. Your agency can attract more attention if you limit its niche. Particularly, it can attract the attention of your target clients.

If your agency has a limited niche, it gives the impression that it specializes in a particular set of services. For instance, if your agency solely offers retail advertising, retail companies will see it as a reliable retail advertisement producer. That’s because they know that your operations are tailor-made for retail advertising. Subsequently, your agency will receive a proposal to work for them.

Yes, it’s nice to have multiple services. But if that’s the case, prospective clients will likely evaluate your agency first. Before contacting your agency, they usually check if it has a positive track record in delivering the kind of service they need. And that takes time to do, so that prompts them to look for other agencies instead.

Partner Up with Other Agencies

There are countless other agencies outside of advertising or marketing. These agencies also offer outsourced business services, such as accounting, planning and management, engineering, and many more. A significant percentage of their clients might also need advertising services. So, if you partner up with them, they will recommend their clients to your ad agency.

Partnerships can bring more than just getting more clients. If you have a partnering agency, the two of you can work hand in hand in building your respective brands. When one of you is conducting a promotion, both of your brands will enjoy the spotlight. Other than that, your services plus their services can merge into one package. In that way, the clients will have a complete experience. Those are just a few of the many benefits of partnerships.

Ultimately, partnerships with non-competing agencies enable your agency to stand out while gaining a strategic alliance. So, find other agencies and send them a memo to forge a partnership.

Participate at Events

In large scale business gatherings and conferences, a lot of your target market will be there. In that case, participating in such events will certainly boost the industry’s brand awareness for your agency. During the event, you can promote your services, meet with hundreds of prospective clients, and study the elements of other participating businesses. Other participants could potentially become your clients too.

If there aren’t any upcoming business events in your area, you can schedule and host one. Joining or organizing business events is a way of establishing a strong connection with the industry.

Produce Podcasts

Podcasts have been an effective marketing tool for quite a while. Many agencies are using podcasts to reach out to their audience, and they worked. So, why not give podcasts a go if you haven’t tried it yet.

The topics of your podcast should be all about advertising. It could be tips, tutorials, stories, interviews with notable professionals, or anything advertising-related. Advertising topics are, of course, the type of content that your target audience wants to hear from your podcasts. Plus, podcasts aren’t expensive to produce. And you can publish them on multiple media platforms. In creating podcasts, you can get creative to make them engaging and fun for your audience.

Strengthen Your Social Media Presence

One of the marketing strategies of most companies today is to strengthen their social media presence. Well, they should, and your agency should do the same as well. According to a Statista report, there are more than 3 billion social media users worldwide. That’s 50% of the global population. Furthermore, another report from GlobalWebIndex says that 54% of users browse social media to discover new products. Those findings are good enough reasons to promote your ad agency on social media.

Word about your advertising services can easily spread on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Users who are interested in or merely impressed with your agency’s offers will share them among their peers. In other words, much like in participating at events, brand awareness towards your agency will grow exponentially.

So for your next advertising agency business plan, include these six tips as your strategies. Or, you can simply integrate them into your objectives checklist. Bringing your advertising agency at the top, well over your competitors, isn’t a far-fetched goal, especially when you apply these tips.

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