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6 Ways to Get More Clients for Your Advertising Agency

At the end of the day, your agency’s profitability depends on the number of clients it caters to regularly. That’s how it is. For a service-based business like your advertising agency, clients are its primary revenue stream. That said, if you can attract more clients to your agency, more revenue will come in. And, a significant portion of that revenue will be your profit, which will be bigger than before. So, if you want to earn larger profits, here are six smart ways to get more clients for your advertising agency.

6 Ways to Get More Clients for Your Advertising Agency

Organize Seminars or Workshops

At first, most prospective clients don’t consider approaching an ad agency to help them with their ad campaigns. Most likely, they’ll try to do things and finds solutions on their own. Among the things they do is to look for seminars or workshops about advertising. In that case, you should consider organizing such events under your agency’s name.

In the seminar or workshop that you’ll be organizing, give the attendees detailed strategies. More importantly, address their common advertising struggles and present the best solutions to help their businesses’ promotion. You can also show them how your agency strategizes ad campaigns to establish branding and reach out to target consumers. But, don’t give them the whole spill. If you do that, you’re already lending your services for free.

The point of organizing seminars or workshops is to educate prospective clients about advertising. However, their primary purpose is to try to bring potential clients into your clientele. By showing clients your professional view of advertising, you’re partially immersing them in your services. After the seminar or workshop, many of them might hire your agency to experience personalized assistance in meeting their advertising needs.

Post Well Targeted Contents

A report in says that 80% of companies with blogging as among their marketing strategies have acquired clients through it. The report also stated that 82% of companies consider blogging as a vital operation in their business. With those in mind, you should strongly consider blogging on your ad agency’s website.

The kind of blogs that you should publish should all be about advertising, of course. That’s the type of content that your target audience wants to see in terms of promoting their business. In other words, your blogs have to be well-targeted to the clients you want to attract. In that way, your agency’s website will gain a lot of visitors because of its informative and educational content. This method, just like in organizing seminars or workshops, will enable prospective clients to get a glimpse of how you do business.

Turn Website Visitors Into Leads

When prospective clients visit your website due to its quality content, that doesn’t directly mean that they’re going to hire your services. Some of them may just be considering your agency among other agencies. In general, it takes multiple site visits before a potential customer decides to purchase a company’s product or service. So, in that case, you have to turn your website’s visitors into leads.

Now, how to turn them into leads, you ask? The answer is through retargeting. Retargeting is a digital marketing method where companies aim to keep in touch with online users who had previously shown interest. To be specific, they aim online users who visited their website recently.

There are many ways companies execute retargeting. The most common approach, which you might be familiar with, is the use of cookies. It works like this: When a user visits a website for the first time, they’ll see a pop on the screen asking, “Accept Cookies?” If the user accepts, the site’s server will record his or her browsing data. The next time the user visits the site, he or she will have a better browsing experience. And, because the server has info of the user, it’ll send a memo to the user about new publications and offers on the site. So, if you can imagine, it’s indeed a way of keeping in touch with potential clients. Sooner or later, the site visitor will decide to purchase the offers of a company.

You can use cookies on your site if you see it fit. However, there are plenty of ways to retarget site visitors.

Nurture Client Relationships to Obtain Referrals

In getting more clients, marketing your agency isn’t the only option. To get more clients, sometimes you just need to nurture your relationships with the ones that you already have. If you have good relationships with your current clients, they’re likely to refer other people to your agency. These people they’ll refer to you are also those who need your advertising services. By making a few calls to their connections, your regular clients can connect you to them. All you need to do is arrange a schedule for a meeting.

For that to happen, you have to serve your existing clients as best as you can. Make sure to satisfy their demands and bring their business to new heights. In return, they’ll give you the referrals that your agency deserves.

Partner with Non-Competing Agencies

Other agencies outside of the advertising business can also help you get more clients. With that in mind, you should send a proposal to an agency with clients that might need your services. You can have a white label partnership with them. However, the downside of a white label is that your services will be under the brand of your partner. Basically, the two of you will be sharing clients with your agency as the outsourced entity. But regardless, your agency will have a broader revenue stream.

If a white label partnership isn’t to your liking, a simple partnership will do just fine. Just make sure to partner up with an agency that can understand your checklist of goals and your agency’s principles.

Conduct Open House Events

If you want to get more clients in a more personal and hospitable manner, you should try hosting an open house. How does it work? Well, first, you have to send friendly invitations to potential clients through email or any communication method. The invitation shouldn’t feel like a business invitation. Instead, it should feel like inviting someone to a party. After all, that’s the nature of an open house, like a party. During an open house event, there should be food and snacks, fun activities, and other forms of entertainment.

It’s up to you how you’re going to arrange the flow of the program. Just make sure that part of it is talking business with the potential clients, or in this case, you can call them guests. During the business talk, explain to them the components of your services, such as their pricing, quotation, processes, and benefits. You can use a meeting minutes sheet during business talks.

Open house gatherings can help you get more clients. How so? That’s because the atmosphere of an open house is quite inviting and stress-free. It ensures that your first encounter with a potential client will be on a high note.

In your next advertising agency business plan, you can integrate these six strategies in getting more clients. Or better yet, you can start executing them now or tomorrow. In a few weeks or months, your advertising agency’s profitability will skyrocket.

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