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7 Reporting Tools That Will Save Precious Time for Your Advertising Agency

Based on a study from the Advertiser Perceptions, the word “transparency” will be the most important term in the ad industry starting 2019. Now that the year 2019 is well behind us, that term is still in the minds of ad agencies. And it should stay that way. According to a 2019 report from the Integral Ad Science, lack of transparency was a high-risk threat for the ad budgets of 59.7% of brand professionals and 63.3% of agency professionals. That said, transparency is a critical factor in establishing trust among every stakeholder in the ad industry.

7 Reporting Tools That Will Save Precious Time for Your Advertising Agency

Nowadays, every ad agency needs to be transparent by showing accurate report documents to their clients. Your ad agency should do the same as well to earn the clients’ trust. We know that creating detailed reports can strain your agency’s work schedule. That’s why we’ll show you seven reporting tools that save you a lot of time.


Klipfolio is a cloud-based reporting tool that enables you to showcase key analytics to your team and clients. You can display them on your television or computer monitor. Because it’s cloud-based, your report documents or files will always be safe with Klipfolio. And you can share them instantly with anyone, even if they’re from overseas.

One of Klipfolio’s best qualities is that it can put together several reports into one single, comprehensive report. So in our opinion, this tool could come in handy during general meetings, especially those with your clients.

Google Analytics

Of course, we couldn’t leave a Google digital software out from our list. Although some advertising and marketing companies tend to ignore Google tools because they’re too simple and cheap, they can get the job done. So, we encourage you to use Google Analytics.

The primary function of Google Analytics is tracking website traffic. Because websites play an important role in advertising today, this Google-powered tool should be in your operations. Google Analytics enables you to monitor the real-time status of your clients’ company websites. You can determine pay-per-click or PPC rates and web traffic rates. Plus, you can use it to track your own ad agency website.

We mentioned earlier that Google tools are cheap, right? Well, we take that back, the majority of them are actually for free, including Google Analytics. So why not give it a try?


If you want a tool that can aid you in analyzing your clients’ competitors, RavenTools should be in your to-buy checklist. RavenTools’s main feature is tracking the competition’s websites to obtain ideas to make your clients’ websites better. It even has an SEO auditor to determine how well your clients’ sites are doing against their competitors. Aside from website tracking, RavenTools can also track social media updates and schedule the best time to post content.

To sum it up, RavenTools enables you to compare online ads stats of both your clients and their adversaries. It can guide you in developing the best advertising strategies for your clients while preparing an in-depth report. Moreover, RavenTools can also be useful in differentiating your ad agency’s brand. You can take advantage of its features to analyze the online activities of other ad agencies.


DataHero is what you’ll need to create a report that you can customize instantly. Whenever your clients request for updates, you can gather the previous reports and make the necessary, accurate changes. DataHero is so easy to use that it only takes a few minutes to get the hang of it.

For us, the best feature of DataHero is its use of charts. It enables users to present reports visually rather than through texts. In that way, they’ll be easier to interpret, and you don’t have to explain them to your clients verbally. DataHero provides you with both speed, accuracy, and convenience.


Most of the ads today focus on online marketing. Advertisers feature the majority of them on company websites and social media. Since that’s the case, your clients will expect you to present reports of their online advertising campaigns regularly. For that reason, we included BuzzSumo on this list.

BuzzSumo is a reporting tool designed for assessing the performance of content, be it blogs, vlogs, landing pages, and social media posts. For sure, you’ll impress your clients for showing a detailed analysis of their online content with BuzzSumo’s aid. Not only does BuzzSumo assess content performance, but it can also suggest topics and content genres that are capable of generating traffic.


TapAnalytics is one of the most user-friendly software tools in the digital market. With its help, you can gather data easily without the assistance of an IT professional. TapAnalytics has an array of editable widgets where you can process and present reports with just a few clicks. You can analyze every inch of your advertising campaigns’ progress and share them with your clients quickly.

Among TapAnalytics’ best features is its data protection protocol. It doesn’t allow other users to access a report unless they have the authority or permission. So with this tool, your clients’ data will be secure and safe.


If you’re willing to spend big for a reliable reporting tool, we recommend NinjaCat. NinjaCat can gather information from different sources to structure them as one report. After that, you can send the report to your clients immediately. Or, you can let your clients check them at their own time. NinjaCat allows clients to have instant access, as well. All you have to do is set up login accounts for them.

Any important data that you can think of that needs monitoring, NinjaCat can cover them. NinjaCat’s price starts at $799 monthly. Indeed, it’s quite expensive, but every penny of that $799 will be worth it.

Reporting is an element in planning and management to keep everyone on the same page, especially with your clients. Keep in mind that being excellent communicators is one of the things clients look for in an ad agency. And reporting is a significant part of that. So, buying any of these reporting tools should in your advertising agency business plan.

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