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111+ Scoreboard Templates – Free Sample, Example Format Download

Score board templates are used in different areas like sports events especially in leagues and final games. It tells the brief information of the game based on scores. There are different structures of scoreboard in different games. Each scoreboard has its specification and requirements. It also used for information about the player performances in the game.

> Basketball Scoreboard Templates

Basketball Scoreboard Indicators Sample
Editable Template for Basketball Scoreboard Sample
Excel Basketball Scorecard Sample Template

Basketball scoreboard sample templates are simple to use and understand. You can calculate the score for each team easily if you are familiar to the game. Basketball template is used every time when the ball gets shoot in the ring. The referees and judges note down each score gained by the team. It is almost developed in “Microsoft Word or Excel Sheets formats”. [6+ Basketball Scoreboard Templates]

> Football Scoreboard Templates

Football Scorecard Sample Template
Example Football Score and Stats Sheetboard
Blank Football Stat Scoreboard Sample Template

Football is the most popular and an international game played in U.S countries. Sample templates for football scoreboard are same as basketball but some extra features. Football scoreboard are used to record goals made by the player, fouls as well as red or yellow cards given to the player during the game to avoid any problems in scoring. The sample formats are in “Microsoft Word or Excel Sheets”. [8+ Football Scorecard Templates]

> HR Scorecard Templates

Example HR Scorecard Excel
Customer Information In Word Example
Construction HR Scorecard Sample Template

HR Scorecard samples are for the organizations to keep the record. Most important objectives to do and key performance indicators for that objective are major things to record. Date and time are mentioned for a particular objective. To calculate the score there is a formula for it. It is usually developed in MS Excel format. [8+ HR Scorecard Templates]

> Balanced Scorecard Templates

Balanced Scorecard Strategy Map Example
Balanced Scorecard for Start up Company Sample
Balanced Business Scorecard Sample Template

One of the best reporting frameworks used in different organizations is Balanced Sample Scorecard. There are too many examples of it like marketing KPI, hotel balanced scorecard, Nonprofit scorecard etc. It is the best scorecard for startup organizations. Records are managed in organized manner. These scorecards are usually in MS Excel format. [9+ Balanced Scorecard Templates]

> Soccer Scoreboard Templates

Example Flat Soccer Scoreboard Template
Discipline Scorecard Sample Template
Blank Soccer Scoreboard Example

Soccer Scoreboard is same as football scoreboard. There are many examples available for soccer scoreboard like soccer sheet template excel, chili cook off score card template, document and download, soccer score sheet printable etc. There are three parts in scoreboard header, main body and supplementary part. Soccer score board used to design in Microsoft Word or Excel format. [8+ Soccer Scoreboard Templates]

> Baseball Scoreboard Templates

Example Score Information In Soft Ball Excel Sheet
Sample Horizontal Scorecard
Blank Baseball Scorecard Sample Template

Baseball Scoreboard are used to the score of game and performances of each player. Example are available like printable scoreboard, computerized and documented scoreboards. Computerized scoreboard is easy to keep the updated records without any errors. Sample formats designed in MS Word or Excel also. [10+ Baseball Scorecard Templates]

> Performance Scorecard Templates

Example Performance Compensation Balanced Scorecard
Example Customer Service Performance
Balanced Performance Scorecard Sample

Performance Scorecard is usually same as balanced scorecards which keep the overall performance of the organization and briefly tells the progress of business in the market. In Performance scorecard the most important thing to record are the objectives like financial, customer, internal process and growth objectives. The sample templates are designed in MS Word and Excel in format. [8+ Performance Scorecard Templates]

> Business Scorecard Templates

Example Employee Engagement Scorecard
Business Scorecard For Startup Business Sample
Business Balanced Scorecard Example

The basic use of Business Scorecard is in the sales record. Every business has its goals and standard. To maintain those standards they design a scorecard to check their record. Sample templates are designed and preferred in PDF file format. But most of the organizations use MS Word or Excel also for their EZ-usage. [10+ Business Scorecard Templates]

> Golf Scorecard Templates

Example Pub Golf Score Card
Example Excel Golf Scorecard
Example Disc Golf Scorecard

Golf scorecard sample templates are designed or developed in MS Excel. In golf scorecard data like player name and game details like handicap, stroke, sum score etc. can be entered. One should understand the work flow of the sample templates then it will be easy to understand how it works. [10+ Golf Scorecard Templates]

> Supplier Scorecard Templates

Example Supplier Evaluation Scorecard
Example Cost Based Performance Scorecard
Categorical Performance Scorecard Sample

Supplier scoreboard sample template addresses the creation and management of supplier. Manufacturing industries use this template for keep record of their products cost, quality, delivery and other responsiveness of the buyer’s organization in the market. The samples can be designed in many tools but the easier is MS Excel. [11+ Supplier Scorecard Templates]

> Project Scorecard Templates

Sample Project Scorecard Management Process
Example Project Scorecard Template
Example Project Budget Template

Project management acquires planning, organizing and managing the resources for the project to make it successful. For this act the project manager uses Project scoreboard template. These sample templates are utilized by using MS Word document and also excel by using spreadsheets. [7+ Project Scorecard Templates]

> Employee Scorecard Templates

Example Balanced Scorecard
Employee Scorecard Annual Report
Employee Balanced Scorecard Method Sample

Employee scorecard templates are used to keep records of all employees working in an organization. For example No. of supervisors, managers and head officers their performances and roles in the company. This scoreboard also contains the attendance of all employees and workers. It is easy to make it in Excel file format to manage all the columns. [8+ Employee Scorecard Templates]

> Vendor Scorecard Templates

General Vendor Scorecard Example
Example Vendor Performance Scorecard Template
Example Management Vendor Scorecard

Vendor scorecard template measures the suppliers’ performance that is important for an organization. The sample templates of vendor scorecards boost up the company’s growth and strengthen supply chains and focus on suppliers. These templates are on Excel format and easy to use. [8+ Vendor Scorecard Templates]

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