Graphic Design

Graphic Design is important for companies, individuals, or organizations’ visibility even beyond the targeted audience. In terms of a company, it is a way to penetrate the market easily using visual communication that its audience can engage with. Additionally, it can enhance credibility leading to the audience trusting the service and products that the company may offer. graphic-design

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Graphic Design Definition and Meaning

Graphic Design is a production of creative visuals in the form of images, texts, a mixture of colors, shapes and anything that can represent an individual’s ideas.

Graphic Design takes graphical and textual elements in order to place them into multiple types of media and can be created by both professionals and nonprofessionals alike.

What Is Graphic Design

Graphic Design is the process of planning, creating, and editing visual communication for various forms of media. Graphic designers use a variety of tools and techniques to create visual messages for clients. Graphic designers work closely with content creators to ensure that the message is clear, consistent, and effective. It is the art of creating images and text that communicate ideas to users. It involves the use of color, typefaces, photography, and other elements to make a visually appealing design that conveys meaning.

Types of Graphic Designs


A flyer is a piece of paper that has a mixture of images and texts in order to promote products or events.


A letterhead is the heading found at the top of the letter containing the person’s or organization’s printed name and full address.

ID Card

An ID card is a lightweight document that holds a person’s important data. This document is a requirement for establishments such as government offices, companies, schools, and organizations a person is a part of.


A logo is a design or symbolic representation that an organization has which serves as their distinctive badge for the public eye.


A certificate is an official document, usually printed on a piece of paper, used to show that a piece of certain information has been recorded true. 


An ad, a shortened form of advertisement or advert, is a way of promoting a brand, product, service, or business to the audience for the purpose of garnering potential customers.


Banners are advertisements or headings that are found on top of web pages. These tend to come in various forms, ranging from columns, bars, or even boxes.

Book Cover

A book cover is a protective covering, either hard or soft, used to cover and bind all the pages of a book.


A brochure is a mini-magazine having images together with specific descriptions of a brand, product, or service. 


An announcement is a notice that is seen in public places or mediums such as newspapers or websites. Announcements reveal events or updates such as births, marriages, baptisms, election results, and deaths.


Billboards are large advertising boards displayed outdoors, usually in the side of the roads.

Business Card

Business cards are small, portable cards carried by professionals for the purpose of networking and promoting themselves. These cards have identification details that mainly comprise the person’s name, company name, job title, website, email address, contact details, and logo.


A bookmark is a piece of flat card, fabric, leather strip, or plastic placed between the sheets of a book which serves as a marker to the reader. Bookmarks are used by readers to quickly find the page they have last read.


A card is a small rectangular piece of paper that contains an individual or a company’s printed name and other important information for the purpose of identification as well as promotion.


A catalog is an alphabetically ordered list of items that either are available to see or are for sale.


Cookbooks contain recipes and other details for food preparation. These usually have step-by-step instructions as well as a list of ingredients in cooking specific recipes.


A coupon is a voucher that indicates an individual’s right to have a discount for a product or service.

Digital Signage

A digital signage is an electronical signage that usually works using LED lights, LCD screens, or plasma displays in order to draw consumers’ attention through moving graphics and messages.

DL Cards

A DL Card or a driver’s license card is an identification card used by drivers for the purpose of permission to drive a certain vehicle.

Door Hanger

Door hangers are plastic or cardboard signs hung from the knob of the door. These are usually found at hotels or other places of lodging with the purpose of communicating to the establishment’s housekeeping staff.

Email Ad

An email ad is a type of marketing wherein the recipient would be receiving promotions or messages from a brand they are subscribed to.

Email Newsletter

Email newsletters are sent periodically to recipients containing the latest updates, tips, as well as additional information related to the product or service they are subscribed to.

Email Signature

An email signature is a portion at the end of an email that holds a person’s professional contact details as well as company branding.


An envelope is a square or rectangular piece of paper that has a sealable flap and serves as a container for a letter or a document. 

Greeting Card

Greeting cards are folded papers with a decorated cover used to relay good wishes on a specific holiday or occasion.


An invitation is a request inviting someone to go to a particular event or activity written or printed on a piece of paper.


A label is a piece of paper, fabric, or plastic which fastened to an object indicating the brand’s name or additional information about it.


Leaflets are folded papers containing detailed information about a brand or service. These are usually advertised through distribution.


A lookbook is a collection of photographs showing a fashion designer’s latest collection. These are compiled with the purpose of promoting the fashion designer’s brand and talent.


A magazine is a publication done periodically. Magazines contain articles and photos usually dealing with a particular idea or interest.


A menu is a list of meals and drinks to be served at a restaurant or cafe. The list usually contains prices of available food options as well.


Newsletters are personal letters sent by a company or service an individual is subscribed to until the present. 


A newspaper is a daily or weekly printed publication having folded sheets of newsprint papers. These contain the latest news, feature articles, as well as advertisements. 


A pamphlet is a small book having only a few sheets which contain information or opinions about a particular subject.

Photo Collage

A photo collage is an image created by pasting pieces of a variety of materials such as fabric, colored paper, or even wood onto paper.

Photo Frame

A photo frame is a substructure wherein a photograph is placed. Usually covered in glass, photo frames are used as photo displays in homes, offices, restaurants, and other kinds of private or public establishments.


Postcards are cards usually sent via mail without an envelope. These postcards usually have a photograph of a particular place on one side and a blank space for a short message on the other side.


A poster is a decorative poster usually printed or handmade and displayed in a public place to attract passersby about a particular event or activity.


A portfolio is a flat container used to carrying sheets of paper or compositions of a particular brand or service. These sheets of paper are usually in a form of individual photographs showcasing different designs of products.


A program is a piece of printed paper comprising a list of performances or activities done and their designated time durations in a particular event.

Rack Card

Rack cards are printed promotional pieces usually designed in full color. These rack cards are inserted in bulk on wooden or plastic counters.


A resume is a professional document usually produced by a job applicant in order to show their career background, skills, as well as work history. A 2×2 inches square photograph of an individual is placed in the top corner for identification.

Roll-up Banner

Roll-up banners are advertising displays made out of wide-lengthed fabric or other material. These banners contain a photo or a short message about a particular business.


Signs are printed and usually colored gestures which are used to convey instructions, reminders, and short information about a particular object or place.

Social Media

Social media comprises virtual networks and organizations shown through websites. These websites are online pages wherein individuals could freely share their ideas, thoughts, and other pieces of information reached to other individuals all throughout the globe.


A tag is a label fastened to a particular object to indicate its identification or other information. These are usually hung or attached in an area that is easily seen by a consumer.


A ticket is a piece of paper that indicates an individual’s right to travel from one place to another via a particular vehicle.

Loyalty Cards

Loyalty cards are sturdy cards issued by a specific organization or business to a customer in order to list credit points. These credit points will be then exchanged with money or any other product that serves as an award by the end of the year. 


A calendar is a series of pages that specifies the days, weeks, and months of a year. Certain holidays and occasions of a particular country are also placed.

Video Templates

Video Templates are collective sample videos that are given to video content creators for them to follow or customize. 


A profile is a short article used to describe a known person or organization.


Planners are blank charts or outlines where specific future activities or events are printed or written.


Billboards are enormous boards used to display advertisements outdoors. 

Recipe Card

A recipe card is a small, lightweight card wherein a list of ingredients and instructions for a particular recipe are written or printed. 

Job Advertisement or Post

Job advertisements or posts are short descriptions of job vacancies usually created in small portions and found in newspapers.


Tarot is a set of playing cards that comes in a deck. In a tarot deck, there are 78 cards divided into two groups: the major and minor arcana. The major arcana comprises 22 trump cards. Meanwhile, the minor arcana has 56 cards and are further divided into four suits: wands, swords, pentacles, and cups.


A booklet is a small book containing a small number of sheets that give short but concise information about particular topics.

Creative Brief

A creative brief is a professional document used to outline the plan of action or policy of a creative project. This comprises of the project’s essential details including its goals, prerequisites, and demographics.


Journals are records that are done daily by an individual to show the activities they have done on a particular date or time. Journals that are mass printed are usually having blank outlines. Meanwhile, decorated journals are handmade or creatively designed that is aesthetically pleasing to one’s eyes. 

Table of Contents

A table of contents comprises of an alphabetical list of pages with their corresponding topics. This is usually found in the first pages of a book.


Flashcards are small cards made out of plastic or paper having short information. These cards are made to be used by students for the purpose of memorizing.


A magnet is an object that is made out of iron, ore, or alloy which attracts other objects containing the same materials. These magnets, usually having decorations, are used to place notes on fridges or whiteboards in order to stick on notes or papers upfront.

Mood Board

Mood Boards are inspirational boards made up of photos, texts, and other materials having the same type of aesthetic or concept.

Customer Persona

A customer persona is a specific fictional description of a customer that represents the type of audience a client wants.

Case Study

A case study is a thorough study of a person or a group. These are also created in order to investigate or describe an individual or community following a specific notion or previous research.

Album Cover

An album cover is a designed fold of an album reflecting an artist’s character and creativity. 

Blog Graphics

Blog graphics are graphics that could help promote a blogger’s page through photoshopped images, headers, logos, and blog stamps. These graphics serve as advertisement tools in order to garner more followers or subscribers on a daily basis.

Yard Sign

A yard sign is a wooden or plastic sign placed outdoors used to attract people’s attention especially when it comes to real estate, small businesses, as well as political campaigns. These are designed quite similar to billboards but smaller.


Testimonials are statements that serve as a reference to a person’s character as well as accomplishments. 

Family Tree

A Family Tree is a diagram that shows the connection between members of different generations in a family. This is usually designed following a tree shape which makes it easier for people to follow through.


An obituary is an announcement of death that is usually placed in certain pages of a newspaper for the public to see.

Zoom Backgrounds

A Zoom background is a feature found in the Zoom application which allows a person to pick a certain image or landscape and use it as a background during Zoom meetings. 


Infographics are visual images made up of charts, diagrams, and graphs that are used to show essential information and data in a statistical manner.


Graphs are diagrams that show different variables and their differences. 


A polaroid is a small photograph produced with the use of a Polaroid camera. 


Books are printed or written works having multiple pages sewn or glued together and are tucked inside either a hard or softbound cover. Books are materials used to store and record information.

RPMS Portfolio

An RPMS Portfolio is a list of Means of Verification (MOV) that shows proofs of a teacher’s teaching history, objectives, and achievements.

Comic strip

A comic strip is an art form done through sequences of drawings that are placed inside boxes. This is usually printed in magazines, newspapers, or comic books. 


Recipes are lists of ingredients that come with a set of instructions for preparing or cooking a certain dish. These are printed or written in cookbooks or recipe cards.


A badge is a unique logo placed on a brooch or pin which shows as a symbol of membership of a particular organization or group. These are also used to signify awards as well as employment levels.


Smart Identification cards are identification cards that contain microchips inserted with additional security features. 


An e-book is an online and offline version of a printed book that a person can read through a computer, tablet, or smartphone.


A photobook is a book containing photographs of a person or group of people that follow a theme. These photographs exhibit a specific storyline, sometimes without the use of text. 


A storyboard is a series of drawings that are drawn with dialogs and instructions which are used as planned scenes for movies, TV series, or TV programs.


Branding is a promotion of a certain product, service or business through creative design and advertising.


A webinar is a seminar that is done online usually through an interactive platform.

Playlist Covers

Playlist Covers are similar to album covers but are usually created by nonprofessional graphic artists or the artists themselves. A playlist cover should only be in a JPEG form having 300 x 300 dimensions. 

Concept Map

Concept maps are visual diagrams that show relationships between pieces of information or ideas. These are usually drawn through tables, flowcharts, Venn diagrams, flowcharts and so much more.

Mobile Presentation

A mobile presentation is a Powerpoint presentation created through the use of a smartphone. 

T-shirt Printing

T-shirt Printing is the process of printing a certain design or artwork on a t-shirt. These printed designs could be in the form of texts or images.


A timeline is a chronological arrangement of dates associated with certain events. 


Diagrams are illustrations that explains the structure or parts of something and how are these connected to each other.

Table Tents

Table tents are folded triangular cards that serve as miniature advertisements. These tents are designed to be placed on a table.


A syllabus is a list containing descriptions of the various programs and subjects offered by the school or university.


Whiteboards are white screens usually displayed in front of a room and are used for teaching and presentations alike.

Perfect Face

Perfect Face is The Golden Ratio of a person’s face pertaining to the highest standard of beauty. 

Minecraft Skin

A Minecraft skin is a feature in Minecraft that makes the player decide how his or her character looks like in the game.  

Super Bowl

Super Bowl is a an annual sporting event that showcases the championship game of National and American Football Conferences. This event also serves as a promotional event for brands as well as music artists.


Discord is an online interactive platform where a person can send messages as well as conduct video calls with other people. Discord, unlike other platforms, offers free VoIP, text messaging, and video chat servers, typically used by gamers and streamers.

Graphic Organizer

A graphic organizer is a visual presentation that effectively shows concepts, ideas, and essential pieces of information to students for learning purposes.


A script is a written document that contains the lines of a movie, play, or any other broadcasting program.


A chart is a sheet that has pieces of information shown through tables, graphs, or diagrams.


A flowchart is a visual diagram that shows a carefully written or printed set of procedures or workflows.

Graphic Design – Uses, Purpose, Importance

With graphic design, an individual or a company can convey their stories to their intended audiences in unique and striking ways. Illustrations, charts, and purposeful use of typography are all valid methods within graphic design to bring attention to any brand. Detailed separately below are the uses, purpose, and importance of graphic design.

To Communicate Information

This is the first and foremost purpose of graphic design. Through a well-thought-out and well-crafted graphic design project, anyone can spread information to whoever they wish to communicate it. Not only will the message be sent but it will also be done in a way that directly grabs attention.

To Engage Audience

Individuals, organizations, and companies use graphic designs in order to promote, market, and engage with their target audience. Graphic designs can help audiences digest complicated information in a manner that is easier for them to understand.

To Increase Sales

One of the direct results of graphic design is the increase in a company’s sales. Attractive advertisements placed on billboards, for example, can reach enough of a company’s target audience so that it translates into greater sales.

To Build Trust and Credibility

Consistency in your brand’s appearance, online and on the street, will build trust and credibility. Your brand can evolve from there, resulting in greater long-term growth. Refreshing your website is something you can do on a regular basis, which also has the added effect of reducing your reliance on printed materials and lowering your costs.

What Is in a Graphic Design?


Lines are never just a collection of points connected together. Lines can assist in organizing information, defining forms, indicating movement, and expressing emotions depending on their shape, weight, length, and context.


Areas, forms, or figures enclosed by a border or closed outline are known as shapes. Every graphic designer should be familiar with two sorts of shapes: geometric and organic. Geometric forms can be two-dimensional or three-dimensional while organic forms are less consistent, proportionate, and well-defined than geometric ones.


Color can convey a mood or generate emotional responses in your audience. Graphic designers who wish to employ a single hue or combine several colors in a pleasing or discordant way might use color theory and the color wheel.


A surface’s texture determines how it feels: hairy, smooth, rough, soft, gooey, or shining. To create clean and professional-looking designs, you must master texture.


It’s critical to make sure the type you pick for a graphic design project is readable and appropriate for your subject, whether you’re choosing a font or designing your own typography. Consider if your letters should be in print or script and whether they should have sharp or rounded angles, as type impacts the entire atmosphere of a design.


A design might become too visually busy for your audience to grasp if there isn’t enough space. It may give a design more breathing room, increase its visual impact, balance off heavy visual components, and draw attention to images or phrases that visitors should remember.


Whether they use images or illustrations, graphic designers rely on imagery to capture the audience’s attention and convey particular notions. A photograph does several tasks at once: it provides context for a designer’s message, adds required drama or action, and creates a general mood.