14+ Church Survey Templates – PDF, Word

Church surveys have to be very modest and respectful as they are a religious practice, and also, at the same time, they need to be designed in a way that they do not look too orthodox for the new generation and the modern world. This is rather a tough task because many of the church survey questions sound too conventional and are et in a certain pattern.

church survey template

During these times, it is necessary that the language one uses in the survey reduces the orthodoxy and makes the questionnaire look easy and casual. Below are the templates you can take help of to make the best survey you need, of any kind. These survey templates will make the surveys to the related subject a cakewalk.

Sample Church Survey Template

sample church survey template
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Are you looking for better ways to meet the various needs of your congregation? If so, you are sure to benefit from the use of this sample church survey template mentioned above. This template comes with complete attractive features that are easy to understand and use by the majority. You are guaranteed to be pleased with the simple yet unflinchingly professional design of this template. Find yourself coming up with your own improvements or changes, and add them in the template as it is completely editable. Check it out now!

Sample Church Member Satisfaction Survey Template

sample church member satisfaction survey template
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Get feedback from church members with the help of this church member survey template that is mentioned above that can be of great use to you. This 5-page document is all you need. Just edit or customize the template with your favorite applications. All you would have to do is download the template, edit and customize it to suit your needs and preferences perfectly. Try it out now!

Survey Report Template in MS Word

survey report template in ms word
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Here’s a template that would guide you to make a professional and informative survey report for your company or the organization you operate for, no matter which industry you work for. This 18-page document that is mentioned above is easy to edit and highly customizable. It is available in file formats like Pages, Sheets, MS Word, Google Docs, Excel, etc. It can also be shared digitally via email or any social media site with ease.

Church Visitor Survey Report Sample Letter

church visitor survey report letter

Create a Church Survey in 5 Steps:

Step 1: Target Audience

If the survey you plan on making is specifically for a set of audience, then you need to understand them well enough to know what kind of questiond they would like to answer. If it is targeted at members of the church, then use plain and simple terms and analogies they might be familiar with, rather than beating around the bush. When tackling with outside opinions make sure you are polite and cordial and respect other people’s views instead of stressing upon a point.

Step 2: Objective

List out your goals and objectives you need to fulfill through the survey. It is very important that you know the purpose of you creating the survey in the first place. You need to know what you intend on learning from this survey, so list out your questions accordingly. Keep your audience in mind while designing the questionnaire as this way, it gets easier for you to make the right survey needed.

Step 3: List of Questions

Before you start making the questionnaire, it is very important that you make a list of all the questions you want in the survey. Open-ended questions though offering a larger amount of information, do take a larger amount of time to answer. Check survey templates in Pages for more. And it is quite rude to interrupt a person while they are in between a train of thought.

Step 4: Scale of References

When asking questions about the quality of a certain object, it is wise to provide a scale from least to most satisfactory (or vice-versa) that’s understood by all. Make sure that you also ask them multiple-choice questions, so that they can choose an option that suits their thought process best. Encourage the audience to finish the survey and submit it as soon as they can. Gather all the information you need to know and prepare the questions.

Step 5: Distribute and Evaluate

Once you are done making the list of questions, decide on how you will want to distribute the survey to your audience. This can either be done by hand or digitally through social media and phones. Nothing is impossible in this technologically advanced world. Evaluate the results once you get back all the answers for your survey. The next thing for you to do would be to develop learning and implement them, so that they help the church and also, the members of it respectively.

Church Facilities Survey Template Free Download

church facilities survey template pdf download

Irresistible Church Survey Example Template

document to download irresistible church survey pdf template

How to Use Church Survey Templates?

Churches, like any other non-profit organization – for e.g. Schools, Hospitals, etc. are subjected to occasional surveys to see if the standard is being upheld. It firstly needs to be understood that churches are a public benefit property and they help in the betterment of the locality and society on the whole. Usually, the surveys are conducted to see whether the funds donated to the church are being properly utilized.

Funds are donated by both the government and private individuals for fixing up the church and make sure everything needed is properly provided for. Many churches nowadays not only provide religious services but also arrange several things for the underprivileged like Clothes Drive, Food Drive, Banquets during Christmas time, etc. Check blank survey templates for more. Surveys are conducted to check whether the church is responsible for performing all these duties.

Natural Church Development Survey Template

natural church development survey template

Church Survey Questionnaire Template Example Format

church survey questionnaire template pdf

Sample Template to Download Church Member Survey

church member survey template in pdf


Spiritual Gifts Inventory Church Survey Example Template

spiritual gifts inventory church survey pdf template


An Example Template for Congregational Church Survey Template

pdf document to downloadcongregational church survey template


Church Worship Survey Sample Template

church worship survey template in ms word doc


Sample Church Survey Template Free Download

church health survey template


Church Membership Satisfaction Survey Template Sample

church membership satisfaction survey template sample


Church Visitors Survey Report Template Sample Format

church visitors survey report template

Uses of Church Survey Templates:

There is a lot of information available from the internet to help you make an informed decision regarding the type and variety of questions. There are even sample surveys available where one needs to enter a few basic information and they’re ready.

Everybody is busy with their own lives and do not have time for a long intensive questionnaire. Surveys that creep over from related information to useless information tend to provide lesser information, as people lose focus on the topic. Suppose you are conducting a survey on “Church Performance”, make the answers enjoyable and relatable to the normal church-going mass. Instead of using drab dull answers. A matrix representing different moods is a good option.