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A training survey form has to be a little different from other survey forms. Most of the survey forms are rather professional and have a very straightforward tone about them. This cannot be the case with a training survey form. It needs to have a very balanced tone and while being professional it therefore needs to sound more compassionate and curious. You can also see Satisfaction Survey Template.

Trainees are generally clueless about how to pass on information and if they are asked things in a subtle manner, they are very likely to lose the gist of it.To take care of these problems, this site has made available some training survey templates that will very sufficiently take care of all the things and make your Survey Template a lot simpler than ever.

Printable Training Survey Template


Sample Survey Report Template in iPages


Business Market Survey Template


Sample New Employee Survey Template


Simple Student Survey Template in iPages for Mac


Editable Employee Compliance Survey Template


Editable Customer Satisfaction Survey Template


Sample Training Survey Template

Sample Traing Survey Template

How to Use Training Survey Template?

A training survey is mostly designed to increase the knowledge and understanding of surveys that are to be taken by the future takers. Training is vastly different from most other branch of study, because trainees are expected to perform in the real world soon after training. Also refer Student Survey Template.

As the trainees tend to acquire a lot of knowledge in a short span of time, surveys are ideal to test whether the form of knowledge or skill is adequate. Surveys or Questionnaires are an indispensable tool when it comes to training professionals, especially when they are such suited to test the effectiveness, responsiveness and capabilities of a trainee.

Training Experiences Satisfaction Survey Example Template

Training Experiences Satisfaction Survey Example Template

Employee Training Survey Template Document Download

Employee Training Survey Template Document Download

Example Template for Global Teacher Training and Inclusion Survey

Global Teacher Training and Inclusion Survey

Types of Training Survey Template

Training survey questions are mainly differentiated on the basis of their need. The need is the answer to the questions

  • “Who is taking this survey and when?”
  • “What do I want to convey?”

If the trainer wants to know from the trainee how his review on the program is then he will choose a survey which is straight forward and asks the right questions. But, if the survey is aimed at testing whether the trainee has successfully incorporated the ideals taught by the trainer then the trainer will choose a survey that asks the necessary questions but in a roundabout manner. The Key is to find the perfect balance between the two types of questions.

Training Delivery Methods Survey Report Template Free Download

Training Delivery Methods Survey Report Template Free Download

Training Survey Feedback Example Template

Training Survey Feedback Template Download in Excel Document

Continuing Vocational Training Survey Template Sample Format

Continuing Vocational Training Survey Template Sample Format

> Using Survey’s effectively

Before and After Comparisons:

It is wise to maintain a record of the trainees’ skills at the commencement of the training program. Then with the progress of time and taking of newer surveys a comparative analysis can be made.

Progress Towards Goals:

Individual or group surveys can also be used to measure the milestones of a trainee’s progress in the training program. This provides valuable information to who is more able and efficient.

Trainee Satisfaction:

Find out if the training program is well liked and meeting the expectations of all the trainees. Are they satisfied with the quality of services provided?

Trainer Satisfaction:

Satisfaction is a two-way street, and like the trainee the trainer is also entitled to be satisfied with the current state of the batch of trainees.

Student Training and Employment Survey Template SampleStudent Training and Employment Survey Templae MS Word Doc Download

Simple Training Evaluation Survey Form

Simple Training Evaluation Survey Form Free PDF Download

National Training Survey Sample Template for Key Findings

National Training Survey Template for Key Findings

There are a large number of both free and paid templates to choose from on the internet. Once you’ve chosen the appropriate one to suit all your needs you can download it and customize it in MS Word.

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