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Joomla Templates

Joomla templates spread across all categories are easily available for download and can be used to create your own website. The template may either be free or paid but in both cases, the website needs to be built from scratch. This is the main reason why the Joomla template is easily customizable and can be optimized easily as per the newest browser standards. There are tons of designs to choose from but the template must be developed in such a way that the final look of the website is capable of holding the attention of the viewers. The framework of the Joomla template makes them easy to install and deploy.... Read More

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17+ Free Joomla Themes & Templates

Tailor made for all business websites, joomla templates will give you that cutting edge over others which you have been searching for ages. With some of the best free themes you can design your websites as the way you want to and give them with the most professional look you wish for.The top joomla templates can be used in a variety of setting, corporates, small business set-ups as well as in the academic world.You may like Free WordPress Themes.

19+ Professional Joomla Themes & Templates

With the help of professional Joomla Templates, it is possible to make high-quality professional Joomla websites in minutes. Template developers have designed a variety of custom-built templates for various industries including real estate, retail, employment etc. as well as creative professions, restaurants and more. The following Joomla templates are some of the best modern templates that let you set up a website quickly and offer visitors a pleasant experience with contemporary special effects, easy navigation and more.

11+ Modern Joomla Themes & Templates

Joomla is a great platform for modern professional websites. There have been certain trends that website visitors have come to expect from modern websites, and these are typically offered by the Joomla Themes & Templates 2016 brought for you. Among these, responsive layouts that look great on any device, boxed and full-width designs, use of plenty of images, oversized page elements, sliders and such features are considered modern. The following templates are some of the best that have been released recently.

12+ Joomla Media Themes & Templates

The Media industry will find the feature-rich, powerful, and highly secure Joomla framework very attractive for building their websites on. Joomla Themes for media use such as in magazines, newspapers, TV channels, websites, and others in the industry should have the features that make a great media website easy to navigate and explore. At the same time, they should be modern and easy to use across devices. The following media templates can be used by news media, videographers, corporate media websites, etc.

14+ Joomla Studio Themes & Templates

All kinds of professional studios can build sophisticated and professional looking websites on Joomla without a big budget. Joomla Theme developers have created a great variety of responsive Joomla themes for use by yoga and fitness studios, dance studios, photography studios, fashion and model studios, etc. The best of these offer a good blend of creativity and functionality. Modern Joomla Studio templates must have a responsive layout so that they look great on any device. The following templates offer some of the best features.