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156+ Political Themes & Templates

Apply the new political themes to make your political website look different better than your competitor’s websites. These readily available themes feature big banners, fields to disclose your political standard and agenda, all in one to serve well for your next political campaign.
Be it a volunteer or voter, these fully responsive templates can impress any visitor to your website. It is available in pleasant and decent colours, with different patterns like menu bar on top, sidebars, etc.

19+ FREE WEBSITE Templates - Download Now Microsoft Word (DOC), Adobe Photoshop (PSD), Apple (MAC) Pages, HTML5, WordPress, Microsoft Publisher

> Political WordPress Themes & Templates

Check the exciting new political WordPress themes that will make you win the upcoming election with its fully responsive interface. The cross-browser compatibility of the templates will make your followers, voters and volunteer to access the campaign page or website from anywhere with any device like mobile, tablets or desktop.[21+ Political WordPress Templates]

> Political Joomla Themes & Templates

Build impressive political websites using the new political Joomla themes, available in different colours. These customizable templates help you to make the site wrapping up your political career and identity in an interesting manner. It features big banner for logo followed by the administrator menu, commenting section and so on.[20+ Political Joomla Templates]

> Political Drupal Themes & Templates

Use unique political Drupal themes to defeat your political competitor this election, as the user-friendly and responsive layout will present your goals and objective to the audience in an impressive way. These clean coded templates consist of menu bar, sidebar, polls section and many more fields related to the political campaign.[6 Political Drupal Templates]

> Political Blog Themes & Templates

Be it an election or campaign, the exclusive political blog themes will help you present your blogs in an effective way to the readers. Express your political views through the blog that is well aligned in columns and rows to showcase a neat and smart look. These responsive blog templates feature menu tabs, sections for links, and so on.[21+ Political Blog Templates]

> Political HTML5 Themes & Templates

Use the clean code political HTML5 themes to give your volunteer and voters a good look at your strong political career. These political templates display menu bar with tabs like media, contact, blogs, etc. that acts as a complete guide for your campaign. With these responsive layouts, leave a great impact of your party on the visitors.[19+ Political HTML5 Templates]

> Political Bootstrap Themes & Templates

Check out the newest political bootstrap themes that contain everything you need to create an effective campaign page or website. From the menu bar on the top to the comment section at the bottom, these templates cover-ups every section that makes the page appear impressive and responsive to the visitor.[18+ Political Bootstrap Templates]

> Political PHP Themes & Templates

Give your political website or page a unique and attractive appearance using the appealing political PHP themes. These PHP templates come in the variety of pattern from including sections for blogs, press release, administrator menu, comment section and many more field for adding information based on the political status and career.[15+ Political PHP Templates]

> Political Website Themes & Templates

Use political website theme to enhance your website development experience and create an effective political or campaign site. These templates contain parameters to fit the content, logo and other details of the party with appropriate space and alignment. You can customize the colour or editable fields as per your political needs.[21+ Political Website Templates]

> Political PSD Themes & Templates

Design an excellent website for your party using graceful political PSD themes that come with responsive components. Be it news article or a blog, these templates could hold up every information on the political party to make visitors aware of the strong status and image of the party on the internet.[15+ Political PSD Templates]

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