15+ Stunning Hair Salon WordPress Templates & Themes


WordPress is your trusty sidekick, but it can also have a lot of caveats for the not-so-technologically advanced. If writing hundreds of codes is not your thing, simplify your life with a gorgeous WordPress theme.

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Ignore generalized themes because they don’t know what your needs are, because you deserve what is special. There are top-ranking themes which free and more premium, paid versions which have pro-s and con-s alike, so choose the one that is the best fit.

Features Adapted to Hair Salons

As the proprietor of a hair salon, everyday must be a fresh challenge for you. From maintaining scheduled appointments, generating publicity and highlighting the quality products on offer, there are a lot of things associated with running a hair salon.

Your webpage should be similarly adapted to your needs, and that is exactly what WordPress takes care of with its appointment calendar, smart keyword insertions emphasizing what you do, and such like.

Features That Make for a Great WordPress Page

While having a page most suited to your work is essential, there are some things that no good WordPress theme is complete without. A space for portfolios, testimonials from customers, contact information and comment threads for feedback are excellent features.

But if you do not have a lightweight theme, the overall experience is likely to be weighed down. These themes offer the most responsive user-interface alongside spectacular design features just for you!

Coiffeur Hair Salon WordPress Theme – $58

coiffeur hair salon wordpress theme 58 788x869


Hair Salon Responsive WordPress Theme – $45

hair salon responsive wordpress theme 45 788x1035


Hair Salon Premium WordPress Template – $38

hair salon premium wordpress template 38 788x1071


Styled Hair Salon WordPress Theme – $67

untitled 16 788x868


Beauty Hair Salon WordPress Template -$30

beauty hair salon wordpress template 30 788x988


Hair Press WordPress Theme for Hair Salon – $58

hairpress wordpress theme for hair salon 58 788x958


Beauty Hair Salon Bootstrap Template – $15

beauty hair salon bootstrap template 15 788x1144


Beautify Hairdsalon WordPress Theme – $67

beautify hairdsalon wordpress theme 67 788x1033


Responsive Hair Salon WooCommerce Theme – $68

responsive hair salon woocommerce theme 68 788x984


Frisieur WordPress Theme for Hair salon – $48

frisieur wordpress theme for hair salon 48 788x935


Best Hair Salon WordPress Template – $67

untitled 22 788x784


Hairdo Hair Salon WordPress Theme – $58

hairdo hair salon wordpress theme 58 788x1110


Curls Hairsalon & Beauty WordPress Theme – $59

curls hairsalon beauty wordpress theme 59 788x1087


Premium Hairsalon WordPress Template – $67

premium hairsalon wordpress template1 67 788x686


Download Hair Salon WordPress Template – $59

download hair salon wordpress template 59 788x1074


Responsive WordPress Theme for Hair Salon – $58

responsive wordpress theme for hair salon 58 788x853


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