Hair is a crowning glory for every woman, and the very reason why they go to hair salon regularly. It's also an excellent stress reliever since they offer a variety of services that sets the mood of relaxation. Somehow, the said industry is continuously booming because of employment growth, high demand for services, and products being used. Since everyone wants to look good and feel good, this is the best time to advertise your salon business. Using flyers is a traditional way of marketing yet affordable enough to obtain your goals. Avoid stress and hassle when you use our editable, 100% customizable, and pre-made Hair Salon Flyer Templates. It's also available to download in many file versions like Word, Pages, Publisher, Illustrator, InDesign, and PSD. Get and print them in (US) 8.5x11, (A4) 8.23x11.69 inches + Bleed. Hook them with your enticing offers with the help of flyers. Download today!

What is Hair Salon Flyer

It's a type of marketing tool used for campaigning, advertising, and plugging your hair salon business in a cost-efficient way. Also, it's known to be posted or distributed to any high-traffic areas so it can reach to your target audience. A well-designed and well-written content flyers will help you increase the number of your potential clients. Therefore, take a step forward and utilize your creativity to boost your salon promotion tactics by using the said printing advertisement tool.

How to Make Hair Salon Flyer

Statista stated that the income of hair, skin, and nail salons in the U.S. accelerated by 1.6 percent in 2018 compared to 2017. It's no wonder because most women are going into a beauty salon to pamper themselves and avail services that suit their needs. Changing hairstyles, manicure pedicure, total makeover, skincare session, or hair braiding are some of the few services offered by the said industry. And to spread the info, you first need to create an astounding Hair Salon Flyer Templates by using the methods below.

1. Be Specific With Your Promotion

We're all aware that a hair salon offers vast services more than just hair matters. With this, you must be very specific when communicating your audience and let them know what to expect from your advertisement. You might want to announce for your hair boutique grand opening, makeup and hair cutting class, looking for makeup artist, or advertising a beauty therapy session. Since marketing flyers can only cater to limited info, you have to be more straightforward with your overall content.

2. Compose Your Tantalizing Content

One of the essential parts of your advertising flyer is composing content that best describes your services. Include a catchy slogan, salon name, and logo, brief description of your available services with an accurate price list, and indicate if you also offer promos or discounts to make it more tantalizing and enticing. Do not overdo the content to maintain its authenticity and simplicity at the same time. Include as well the location of your salon, contact number, email address, and social media page with excellent visibility and readability.

3. Insert Alluring Image

It's no secret how the presence of advanced technology contributes significant benefits, especially in enhancing a modern flyer. With that, you can add an alluring image with high-resolution that's able to describe visually about your advertisement. The color palette you'll use must compliment the tone, graphic designs, photo, and font style. Hence, the result must be attractive enough to convince your target clients to patronize your services.

4. Decide The Type of Templates

Since you've gathered several ideas on how your promotion flyer will look and sounds like, it's now time to pick the templates you must use. That way, it doesn't require tons of your time since you only need to edit and customize the content and designs. It's also necessary to polish any typos and errors because the outcome will always reflect in your business. Remember that flyers with excellent quality, able to attract your target audience without any doubts.

5. Spread All Copies

If you tend to know more about your target audience and their needs, you'll know the best place to disseminate your creative flyer. Spread the copies to any high-traffic areas and make sure it will reach to your audience. Using social media to post your flyer is also ideal since most people are internet-savvy nowadays. And be sure to keep track of the results of your advertisement.

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