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26+ Physiotherapy & Chiropractor WordPress Themes 2017

Taking care of your health is very important, especially nowadays that the saying “health is wealth” has now become more prominent than ever. People have gone to do different exercises, just so they could stay in shape and be fit. Most of us would also opt to eat healthy and organic foods.

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With health concerns on the rise, along with the increasing number of people becoming more interested in it, it’s only natural that a lot of health template would appear. Things like massage salons, beauty salons and medical themes are only a few examples. One of the most important health template are the physiotherapy and chiropractor themes.

Therapino – Physical Therapy WordPress Theme

Physiotherapy and chiropractic practices are very important. These specialties help relieve various muscle pains and correct dislocated bones. Not only that, they also improve the overall performance of our body, helping us to function more efficiently and handle physical tasks easier. If you are a physical therapist, or a chiropractor practitioner, then you’d need a side to accommodate your needs. Therapino would be one of the perfect physical therapy WordPress theme for you. It offers multiple layout options that you could choose from, you can add an appointment manager for your customer’s/visitor’s convenience and it is also SEO friendly, increasing your site’s searchability.

Soothery – SPA & Massage Salon Responsive WordPress Theme

Soothery is a theme that lets you highlight the numerous services that your expertise has to offer. You can use numerous Cherry plugins, so you could add functionality to your site. Installation only takes a maximum of 5 minutes, along with all of the plugins, built-in templates and more. This massage salon theme also lets you use a plethora of content modules like post slider, number counter and pricing tables. It also sports an elegant design that provides visitors with a relaxing vibe, thanks to the numerous topical layouts that it has to offer. You could never go wrong with this awesome template.

Espero – Massage Salon Responsive WordPress Theme

Espero is one of the many beautiful WordPress themes designed for massage therapy establishments. It has a compact design, complimented by an alluring background. You can use high quality images for the background and choose from multiple layout options, enabling you to personalize the template and make it suit how you envisioned the site to be. You might eventually decide to add an online store for your site, which you can easily set up in a matter of 5 minutes, due to the site being Ecwid ready. Additional features include 7 header layouts, custom widgets and a booking form for your customers.

Fiona – Beauty Spa & Massage Salon Responsive WordPress Theme

Fiona is yet another brilliantly made massage salon WordPress theme that has a slight hint of minimalism in it. The design has been meticulously crafted by developers, to ensure that the theme would be able to deliver quality results and that it corresponds to the latest web design trends. Google fonts has also been integrated in the theme’s coding and feature, giving you a greater capability of editing the template to suit your needs. You won’t have to worry about encountering any kind of problem as well because the theme has a dedicated support team that works around the clock and offers their assistance 24/7.

Massage Salon Responsive WordPress Theme

Massage Salon can be considered as a spa WordPress theme and one of the best themes out there as well. One of the many features that it has is its compatibility with ant kind of device, making it 100% fully responsive to mobile phones, tablets and computers. You can also fully edit the template and tweak various elements in it. It is also multilingual and can translate a lot of languages, thanks to its WPML compatibility. You can choose from over 80 shortcodes as well, giving you more than enough editing options. You can even use up to 600+ Google fonts and customize the theme’s typography.

Pulse-Physiotherapy Medical WP Theme


Pulse-Physiotherapy is a theme that sports a therapist concept design, which is quite apparent on the site’s main page. It has shortcodes that are easy to use and is very user-friendly for those who aren’t so techie. It has a price table for the numerous services that you have to offer and it is also fully responsive to any type of device. You can choose from 4 different homepage designs as well, giving your freedom to choose a homepage that suits you, and your website, well. This template can be considered a medical WordPress theme by doctors, physical therapists and chiropractors, all the same.

Chiropractor – Therapy and Rehabilitation WordPress Theme


Chiropactor is a theme that has been judiciously crafted with physical therapists, rehabilitation centers and chiropractors in mind. Developers have given it the Unyson framework, which is a powerful page builder and extension tool, giving you the ability to quickly, and easily, edit the theme as you see fit. Other things that are embedded in it is the Contact form 7, giving your customers, or visitors, the chance to contact you if necessary. It also has one of the most popular WordPress plugin, which is Mailchimp and it is also SEO friendly, helping your site to reach the top ranks for search engines. It’s also one of the best WordPress themes for startup.

Chiropracto – Physical Therapy WordPress Theme


Chiropracto is a theme that would definitely increase and strengthen your online presence. You won’t have to worry about what kind of device a person is using to view you site because the theme is 100% fully responsive and looks excellent on mobile phones, tablets and computers. The template has 5 homepage variations, with the layout designs being carefully studied for, effectively making it a great one page WordPress theme as well. You get to choose from 4 header styles and you get to enjoy an easy website building experience that would mostly be just you, dragging and dropping photos, shortcodes and widgets.

Physio – Physical Therapy & Medical Clinic WP Theme


If you are looking for a theme that will make your site stand out and outlast other websites, then Physio is the one you need. The theme is equipped with a live customizer, which lets you change its layout options and colors in real-time. It as a bunch of widgets for social media, staff icon boxes and Google maps. It also supports WPML, short for WordPress Multilingual Plugin, over 800 Google fonts and RTL, or Right to Left, readers from other languages. You can make as many sidebars as possible and set its position, or hide it, in your site. With all of these features, you can consider the template as a medical website theme too.

Veronica – Physiotherapy, Medical WordPress Theme


Veronica is a physiotherapy theme that lessens the hassle of creating a physical therapy website. It comes with a bunch of useful features such as 12 custom widgets that help to enhance your site’s overall functionality. Another feature is its retina ready, responsive and mobile friendly design, which lessens you worries about what kind of device could your customers be using. The template can also translate various languages, making it an effective multilingual WordPress theme There are unlimited colors to choose from as well, which can come in pretty handy while you change and tweak certain aspects of the theme.

Bony – Chiropractor WordPress Theme

Bony is a chiropractor WordPress theme that has over 100 shortcodes that would aid in the overall functionality of your site. Shortcodes like vertical tabs, dropcaps and blockquotes, are just a couple of example. It is integrated with more than 650 Google fonts and 580+ Font Awesome icon packs, that help to enhance the visual aesthetics of your site. It has been tested with most of the popular Ecommerce plugin and is found to be compatible with most of them, especially for WooCommerce. You could say that if it wasn’t designed for chiropractic purposes, it could be one of the best business WooCommerce WordPress themes in the market.

Chiropractor & Health Care Providers WordPress Theme

Chiropractor is another chiropractic responsive WordPress theme that lets the users create a website that suits their requirements. It has a layout that is very smooth and could be viewed on any device, be it a mobile phone, tablet or computer. The navigation is also very user-friendly, which would later on attract more visitors and potential customers to your site. The theme has a lot of visual features like BreadCrumb background image, which you can change and different patterns to. You can choose from 10 distinct color options, letting you make your site more visually alluring. You won’t have to worry about your visitors using different browsers because the theme has cross-browser compatibility for all major browsers in the market.


If you are looking for a way to promote and expand your physiotherapy business, then Physiotemple is definitely for you. This theme is designed to be used as a business WordPress template and it aims to help chiropractors, physical therapists and health professionals promote their services. The theme has 10 pre-defined colors that you could use to tweak the template until it suits your requirements. It is compatible with the latest versions of WordPress, ensuring that the theme is always up to date. It it also SEO compatible, making your site even more searchable, as it sits on the top ranks of search engines.

Therapy Equip – Physical Therapy Equipment WordPress Theme

TherapyEquip is a physical therapy equipment WordPress theme that was designed for physiotherapist, and physiotherapist sellers, as well as gym owners. You can think of this theme like a laboratory theme that focuses mostly on the vicinity’s equipment and tools. The theme is equipped with a bunch of features that will really attract potential client’s. Its retina ready display will give your visitors a visually stunning experience, as your high resolution images will not use their quality, no matter device is being used. The fact that it is SEO optimized increases the chance of your site being discovered by more people.


Modern Therapy would be the perfect massage therapy WordPress theme for you. Massage is another form physical therapy and people avail of these services to help them relax, or relieve some aching muscles. This theme will make it easier for you to create the website and in turn, provide your customers with a user-friendly experience for your site. Since mobile devices are becoming the norm nowadays, the theme is fully responsive when it comes to them. You have 11 different color schemes that you could use to make your site more beautiful. The Display Services area has three column features, letting you highlight as many services as possible. It’s safe to say that this could be considered as one of the best spa landing page themes in the market.

Jacqueline Spa & Massage Salon Theme


Jacqueline is a premium WordPress theme that will help you promote your business online. Since this is a premium theme, you have the option to fully edit the theme to your liking, thanks to the template’s visual composer. You can also transform it into an online shop because the theme is supported by WooCommerce. If you want to simply use pre-installed layouts, you have 3 three distinct homepage layouts to choose from. The theme’s colors are quite flexible, giving you the capability to mix and blend them. This creative theme will definitely help you capture the attention of many customers.

Physiotherapy & Elder Care Responsive Website Template Physio Plus


Physio-Plus is a physiotherapy WordPress theme that caters the needs of everybody, regardless of their age. The features of this brilliant physical therapy theme is that it has 9 pre-designed service pages, 4 pre-built color schemes and has cross-browser compatibility and works for Interenet Explorer 10, Safari, Chrome and Firefox. There’s also a certain section of the theme where you can input the details of your therapist team. It has more than 40 PSD, short for Photoshop Document, files that you can definitely use. This theme can also be used as a doctor WordPress theme by private and freelance doctors.

Chiropractor & Physical Rehabilitation WordPress Theme

HelpingHand is a green WordPress theme, as the most dominant color of this theme is white and green. The theme provides its users with multiple layout options, which they can use during the template’s editing process. It has an appointment manager as well, which lets visitors and clients book for an appointment online, which is very convenient for them. It has a live customizer as well, letting you make changes in real-time, saving you from the hassle of having to constantly reload the page to view the changes. It was also designed by industry leaders, making this theme very competitive and effective.

Spa Salon WordPress Theme

Spa Salon is a WordPress theme that is 100% fully responsive and has been designed to be viewed on any device, be it a mobile phone, tablet or computer. You can also fully edit the theme itself and change elements like sidebar position and menu typography. It allows users to have custom post types and numerous post formats, so they could add variety to their site’s content. The theme is also SEO ready, making it an effective eCommerce WordPress theme. There are more than 80 shortcodes that you could choose from and you can finish the installation in two simple steps.

Aphrodite – Beauty & SPA Salon Responsive WordPress Theme

If you are looking for a theme that would be able to showcase the physiotherapy service you have to offer, as well as the beauty related aspect of it, then Aphrodite is definitely for you. The theme lets you choose from the numerous content modules available for use. You can also use the different custom widgets, so you could make your site more functionality and charming for your visitors. One of the best thing about this theme is that it has a built-in live customizer, which lets you make changes to the theme in real-time. You can even make into a beauty blog WordPress template, if the need arises.

Acupuncture – Massage Salon Responsive WordPress Theme

Acupuncture is a WordPress theme that specializes in showcasing the benefits of acupuncture and the services that you have related to it. With its many features like having multiple color options, over 600 Google fonts to choose from and a built-in theme customizer, it is no wonder how it became one of the best acupuncture WordPress theme there is. It also has a filterable portfolio, perfect for the images that you plan on using for the site. This theme is also multilingual, as it is able to translate different languages, effectively lessening the challenge of communicating with customers due to language barriers.

Zen – Massage Salon WP Theme


Showcasing the relaxing benefits of the services you have to offer is very important when it comes to attracting and gaining new customers. That is why Zen was created to provide with exactly what you need to pull in customers and increase the total number of patrons that you have. The theme is an SEO WordPress theme, which is the main reason why you reach and influence would grow exponentially because your site would be at the top ranks. It is also fully responsive to any device, which means that whether someone is using a tablet, computer or mobile phone, it wouldn’t be a problem because your site would be accessible regardless.


Bullion SPA is not your typical massage theme because it could be used for different reasons as well. It could serve well for wellness centers, relaxation salons and massage centers. The theme has a bunch of features that would help improve the overall quality of your site. It offers you 8 color palettes, giving you the freedom to personalize your theme to suit your needs. The template has a 4 column feature area, which is the perfect place for you to highlight the many services you have. With its many features, along with its cross-browser compatibility, one could safely say that it is definitely one of the best WordPress template in the market.


DreamSpa is one of the many clean and simple WordPress themes out there. It is jam-packed with a ton of features that would transform your website into a beautiful and smooth webpage that your visitors can enjoy. One of its features is its Google map integration, which lets you exhibit your business address, making it easier for customers and visitors to find you. Interaction is very important and the best way that your customers can interact with you is with a comment section, or feedback box. The theme also lets them book an appointment online, which is convenient for both you and your customer.

Wellnesscenter – Beauty Spa WordPress Theme


Wellnesscenter is one of the many beauty blog themes that not only focuses on beauty related aspects. The template lets you showcase the many services that you have to offer, such as relaxing and therapeutic physiotherapical massage. You get to choose from an unlimited amount of color schemes, giving you the freedom to color the theme however you want. It has a drag-and-drop page builder, which gives you an easy and hassle free experience. Home page is very important and that’s why the theme gives you 4 variations to choose from: beauty slider, text slide, spa slider and image carousel slider.


MassageParlour is a theme that would provide you with everything that you need to properly create a website to highlight your services. The template allows customers to book their appointments online, thanks to the integrated Ink Appointment Plugin. It has a built-in date and time scheduler as well, which lets you display the operating hours of your business, giving your customers an idea of when they should visit. With the theme’s 3 column featured area, you can effectively highlight the numerous services that you have in store for them. With these features, and many more, it’s no wonder that this is one of the best selling themes out there.

Physiotherapy – Physical Therapy WordPress Theme


Physiotherapy is one of the many flat responsive WooCommerce themes that have been made available for individuals. The template is equipped with testimonials, doctor’s work schedule and business hours. The theme is retina ready, which means it can automatically adjust to fit any size of screen, without the risk of losing its quality. It can also translate multiple languages, thanks to its translation ready capabilities. It runs on Bootstrap 3 framework, which says a lot about the template’s functioning speed. it also has 3 different homepages, which can be used for 3 physiotherapy departments and add diversity to your site’s design.

Those were a couple of physiotherapy and chiropractic WordPress themes that you can use to make your very own website. These are themes that have been crafted by industry leaders, making all of them a trustworthy professional theme. They have been embedded with numerous features to cater the different needs of distinct individuals.

Don’t forget to try each of them, so you could get started in finding that theme that best suits your needs. You can also do further research about these themes, so you could exhaust all of the available options. This way, you would get most out of everything and have plenty of options.

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