10+ Design Prestashop Templates & Themes

The most important thing about prestashop is its customizability to modify and to suit individual’s business requirements. Best Prestashop templates can be designed according to our need and requirements.A site consisting prestashop system will be more flexible, efficient and robust.

design prestashop templates

Prestashop helps the community or workgroup members in maintaining the productivity of the site. Using prestashop some members can focus on the overall look or design of the page and others may spend time in creating in new pages related to their work.

Designing Prestashop Templates for a particular site helps in keeping the amount of traffic on our site as the way our interface looks and works is the most crucial thing in the world of internet and online shopping cart. Prestashop themes provides a far better way to create or design customized pages which are user friendly and good responsive too.

The sites on which prestashop templates are implemented are very light weighted and fast in working as compared to other systems present.

Advantages for Sites After Implementing Prestashop Templates:

  1. Increases flexibility of pages.
  2. Interface becomes user-friendly
  3. Light weight system
  4. No extra burden on resource server
  5. Modification made easier

Flooring Designs Store PrestaShop Theme – $139

flooring designs store prestashop theme 788x730

Responsive Prestashop Template for Designing Stuff – $69

leo express decor prestashop 788x

Interior Design Furniture Store Prestashop Template – $139

interior furniture store prestashop theme 788x

Responsive Prestashop Template for Boutique Store – $68

responsive prestashop template for boutique store 788x

art photo gallery prestashop template 788x

Fashion Design Prestashop Theme – $24

fashion design prestashop template

Tile Stone Design Store PrestaShop Theme – $139

tile stone design store prestashop theme 788x

Interior Lighting Design Shop PrestaShop Theme – $139

lighting interior prestashop theme 788x

Responsive Design PrestaShop Theme – $139

responsive design prestashop theme 788x80

Online Grocery Designs Store PrestaShop Theme – $139

online grocery store prestashop theme 788x