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Free File Clerk Job Description

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A File Clerk is someone who is responsible for managing all files and other necessary documents. These documents are maintained and managed by the company. During the days when computers didn't have data storage installed, the File Clerk job profile was developed. Moreover, during these days the entire administration was manually done, and tons of documents and paper works were managed by the file clerks. Regardless of the technology advancement today, there are still organizations that keep hard copies of files and important documents. Sorting these documents out is somewhat a challenging and irksome job, hence a File Clerk’s presence is important in maintaining these files and making them readily available anytime.


  • A File Clerk will manage and maintain records for all necessary documents and files in the company. He or She shall store them properly with the use of appropriate and convenient code of reference or any relevant equipment. 
  •  A File Clerk shall manage all files and will categorize them depending on the files’ content and user detail. Such files will then be kept in file storage and should be readily available for all staff and employees. 
  • A File Clerk should maintain an index record. This record is intended for file location in some digital system for more convenient access of information and other relevant data. All staff and employees will be given access as well. 
  • He or She must provide assistance to all employees in terms of file location, file access, and making these files handy and available at their table. 
  • A File Clerk is also responsible for making any changes in the file management system in order to maintain and store important files for the company or organization. 
  •  File Clerks are also responsible in performing regular inspection for all file logs. They will then move all unwanted documents, especially the old ones, to a different storage place. 
  • File Clerks will sort and photocopy all necessary documents. This is one of the responsibilities they should never forget on a daily basis. 


  • A File Clerk must have an extensive background in terms of management and profound management skills. He or she must have the ability to respond promptly in any given order. 
  • A File Clerk must have written and verbal communication skills in order to communicate effectively with the staff and employees in the company. 
  • A File Clerk must have good interpersonal skills and has the ability to answer all queries from the company’s staff and employees. 
  •  A File Clerk must possess excellent handling skills with different computer software such as MS Office, Word, etc. These are used in keeping file records in an organized and more systematized manner. 
  • A File Clerk must possess in-depth knowledge when it comes to various procedures and methodologies in keeping all files and records. 
  • 6.  Must possess an excellent skill in tracking defects in the management system and will make needed modification if possible.
  •  A File Clerk must be comfortable working alone and working under a large group together with an immediate superior. 
  • A File Clerk must have the ability to familiarize all file locations in the event computerized systems are not available to keep all essential files. 
  • File Clerks should possess a positive aura and should interact with employees and staff in a friendly manner. Being an active listener is a must. 
  • File Clerks executes one of the most essential tasks in the company. Hence, even those with high school diplomas are hired for the said position.
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