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I saw in [] that [Felix Medical Center] is urgently hiring Medical Device Engineers. Upon seeing your job opening, I immediately created and sent this letter to let you know that I am interested in applying. I am confident that my experience and credentials are good enough for you to deem me as a qualified candidate.

First of all, I earned my [bachelor's degree] in [engineering] at [Bethel University]. That education attainment of mine was a significant factor that allowed me to pursue a career as a [Medical Device Engineer]. Until now, I am still in this line of work and I have been consistent in performing my duties. I have learned and experienced different kinds of technical problems concerning medical devices, all of which I have managed to fix. During my stint at [Sadler Health Center Corp], I was able to contribute to its success by coming up with new medical technology innovations that are still being utilized today. 

I am very eager to share my expertise with [Felix Medical Center] if given the chance. I assure you that not a single medical device will suffer any major problems under my supervision. So if you're interested in inviting me for a job interview, you may contact me at any time via my phone number or email address stated below. 



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