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I was informed by one of your military base personnel that you are currently looking for a DCGS Tester. Upon receiving that information, I was delighted since it's the exact position I'm an expert in. So without any hesitation, I then sent you this letter to inform you that I'm willing to fill in as your new DCGS Tester.

For [six years], I was the DCGS Tester of [UGH Military Base] when I resided in [Nevada]. During my stint there, I regularly tested their DCGS even though there aren't any reported damages or malfunctions. I made sure that the navigational, reconnaissance, and communications intel transmitted and received by their DCGS are accurate. I was as well very particular in evaluating its speed and efficiency. And if certain inefficiencies are detected, I was involved in optimizing their DCGS together with other DCGS experts. Due to my prowess and knowledge in DCGS, the military operations of [UGH Military Base] are at all times consistent and efficient.

Now that I've moved here in this state, which is nearby your military base, I wish to continue my career as a DCGS Tester under your supervision. That said, I am eagerly awaiting your invitation for a job interview through my phone or email. You can contact me at any time. Thank you for your time, and I'm hoping to meet you soon.  






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