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One of your ERP programmers contacted me and asked if I'm interested in filling in the vacant ERP Tester position in your company. I am well aware that I am fully capable of carrying out the duties of an ERP Tester due to my extensive experience. So I told [him/her] that I'm definitely interested for the vacant role. And with that, I then wrote you this letter as a formal response. 

For the past [six years], I worked as an [ERP programmer] at [SGH Tech]. During my time there, I partook in countless ERP test runs conducted by their own ERP Tester. Many times I resolved technical issues and improved the overall efficiency of their ERP programs, such as the likes of NetSuite, Sage, and Acumatica. I was also involved in developing brand new ERP procedures, which ultimately aided [SGH Tech's] day-to-day operations and innovation planning. Since I participated in various test runs, I grew familiar with how an ERP Tester fulfill his/her duties in a company. That said, I am confident that I will contribute significantly to your company as its ERP Tester.

Should you invite me for a job interview, you can do so through my phone number or email. You can contact me from [Monday to Saturday during standard business hours]. So hopefully, I will hear from you soon. Your time and effort in reading this letter are much appreciated.    






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