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I am interested to apply to your company as a [Database Tester]. I have been working as one for [thirteen years] now. Thus, I believe that I am fully positioned for this position. I also think that I will become an excellent addition to your fantastic team at [Wrath mere Enterprises]. Attached to this letter is my resume for your consideration.

I worked with my previous company, [Wipro LTD] for [nine years]. During my stay in the company, I was responsible mainly for testing the new updates to our databases, such as the search engine, categorizations, and some other aspects. I was also responsible for designing real-world scenarios for database configuration, data protection and recovery, performance, and stress testing. I performed highly complex black-box tests in support of multiple phases of the [Standard Development Life Cycle for the Teradata Data Warehouse] product suite, as well. Through my efforts, we were able to optimize our information flow through and our overall database by around [10 percent]. By this, we were able to create a lasting legacy on the company by creating the [DAMAK or the Database Accelerated Movement And Keystone program]. 

If ever this letter has piqued your interest, feel free to contact me at any time within the week. You can easily reach me out through my contact information provided. I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you for your generous consideration.

Respectfully yours, (or any closing spiels)


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