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EDW Tester Cover Letter

EDW Tester Cover Letter in Word, Google Docs, PDF, Apple Pages

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As I was browsing for job opportunities in [], I came across your EDW Tester job advertisement. I clicked on it and viewed the details and requirements for the position. Afterward, I realized that I am qualified to apply for it. So with haste and enthusiasm, I then wrote and sent you this letter to inform you of my interest. 

I have been an [EDW programmer] for the past [five years] at [Dalebard Tech]. I was one of the programmers responsible for establishing their EDW as it is today. I partook every test run session that [Dalebard Tech's] EDW Tester conducted. If certain defects and inefficiencies are detected, I was highly involved in resolving them and restoring the performance quality of their EDW. During my time there, constant optimizations and maintenance checks for their EDW were my frequent duties. With all of my experience at [Dalebard Tech], I firmly believe that I'm ready to step up my career and become an EDW Tester.

So if you're considering my application, you can contact me for a job interview at any time of your preference. My phone and email are on the line at all times. The prospect of becoming a part of your company's workforce excites me. Hopefully, you would grant me this opportunity. I sincerely appreciate your time and effort in reading this letter.   






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