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Box Truck Driver Cover Letter

Box Truck Driver Cover Letter in Word, Google Docs, PDF, Apple Pages

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As I was browsing [], I came across your company's urgent Box Truck Driver job posting. I was delighted when I saw it since I'm aware that I possess every skill and qualification in applying for it. For that reason, I then wrote this letter expressing to you my interest in being a Box Truck Driver for your company. 

I started my driving career as a [taxi driver] when I resided in [New York]. During my stint as a [taxi driver], I was able to season my driving skills on the streets of [NYC]. Most of the time, I was able to deliver my passengers to their destinations on time. After [three years] as a taxi driver, I went to a trucking school and earned my Class A Commercial Driver's License. I then pursued a career as a [Box Truck Driver] at [Brightlight Manufacturing], where I worked for the last [six years]. I have traveled from state to state, delivering supplies and raw materials to their branches throughout the country. I was never behind schedule on my delivery trips, which earned me multiple [Truck Driver of the Month] awards.            

I gracefully left [Brightlight Manufacturing] to try other challenges in this line of work. Hopefully, I will achieve that endeavor in your company. That said, I am ready to receive your phone call or email for a job interview at any given time. I sincerely appreciate this opportunity, and I'm hoping to meet you soon.  



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