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Sample School Appeal Letter

Sample School Appeal Letter in Word, Google Docs, PDF

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Miscalculated grades, mistreatment from your superiors, and unjust dismissal from your school? If you want to explain your side against the unfair decisions made by the other party, now’s your chance to do it! State why you deserve a better result from your teacher or better treatment from your colleague and create yourself an appeal letter to your school’s administration. If you need assistance in making one, our Free Sample School Appeal Letter Template will do the trick. It’s 100% customizable and highly editable; there's no need to start from scratch! So what are you waiting for? Defend your part of the case and download the template now!

School Appeal Letter


[Susan Hopkins],

Good day!

I am [Amy Green], a second-year student studying at [Muniz High School]. I am writing this letter to appeal against the final grade, submitted by [Ms. Meagan Clark], my teacher in Geography, which I took last school year (A.Y. 2020-2021).

As I reviewed my final grades from A.Y. [2020-2021], I noticed that Ms. Clark gave me an “F” in Geography, which is equivalent to a failing mark. I believe there was a miscalculation of scores and an unfair process of determining my final grade, for I was able to comply and submit all requirements, assignments, and exams to pass the subject. Furthermore, I never missed a single discussion in her classes, and I never failed a single test nor any activities during the school year. Hence, I am requesting a recalculation of my grades for A.Y. [202-2021] in my Geography class.

I hope you consider my request. Otherwise, I won’t be able to advance to junior high next school year. Thank you, and I hope to hear from you soon.


[Amy Green]

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